Letters (10/17-24)

letter box sqCandidates did not approve attack ads

In the previous two editions of the Post Star, there were ads placed attacking Gaetana Ciarlante. At the bottom of the ads it said: “Paid for by the Saugerties GOP.”

We are writing this letter to let everyone know that we had no prior knowledge that these ads were going to be run and also that we absolutely don’t approve of them.

All of us truly appreciate the support that the Conservative Party has given us, not only this year, but all through the years. We look forward to your continued support of all of our candidates, both now and in future elections. We apologize for any inconvenience or problems that these ads may have caused but, again, we do not approve of them, nor will we condone any similar ads that may possibly be submitted in the future.


Jimmy Bruno, deputy supervisor

Dean Fabiano, Ulster County legislator

Bob Aiello, Ulster County legislator

Bill Schirmer, Saugerties Town Board candidate


Disgusted by dirty politics

As a resident of Saugerties I want you to know that I was very angry at the large ads taken out in the Pennysaver bashing Gaetana Ciarlante. I resent the fact that the Saugerties Republican Party has resorted to “Dirty Politics,” and those of you who endorsed this, be aware that I will not support any of you for stooping as low as the Democrats do when they call Tea Party people and Republicans names like jihadists etc. etc. How low can you go?

Disgusting is not even a strong enough word to describe how I feel. As a Republican I am disappointed with your tactics.

Angela Mastracchio


Words of wisdom

After reading yet another of Joe Roberti Jr.’s poison-pen letters directed at Greg Helsmoortel, I suggest that the Saugerties Republican chairman heed Mark Twain’s words, “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

Christian Kelly



We need to work together

The lies and misinformation continue with letters and advertisements during this political season. Infighting in the Saugerties Republican Party continues to rip it apart. The final days of Roberti’s poor leadership are on the horizon. It is time to get back to non-partisan governance in Saugerties, look what the unwillingness to work together has done to Washington DC.

Greg Helsmoortel

The writer is a candidate for Saugerties town supervisor.