Poll: Who is your pick for supervisor in Highland?

Paul Hansut and Michael Guerriero. (photos by Lauren Thomas)

Paul Hansut and Michael Guerriero. (photos by Lauren Thomas)

Highland’s supervisor race this year will pit two Lloyd Town Board colleagues against each other.

Incumbent Republican Paul Hansut, the current supervisor, is endorsed by the Conservative Party and the GOP.

The former Ulster County lawmaker and policeman wants to help attract Walkway Over the Hudson visitors into downtown Highland, and Hansut would like to see a balance between quality public services and affordable property taxes.


His opponent, Michael Guerriero, is a Democrat who made a rare inroads into the Republican-controlled Town Board with his election back in 2011.

Guerriero would like to see a revitalization of downtown Highland, and he too wants to keep taxes affordable.

(Nominations for each candidate in gray. If for some reason your vote doesn’t go through, try again later.)

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