Hinchey endorses Helsmoortel for supervisor

Photo by Dion Ogust

Photo by Dion Ogust

I wholeheartedly endorse Greg Helsmoortel for supervisor of Saugerties.

I have known Greg for many years, and he is, without question, a man of tremendous integrity whose focus is always on how to better the lives of our town’s residents and small businesses.

For example, Greg understood that the Kings Highway corridor needed water and sewer infrastructure if it was ever to realize its promise as an economic development engine for the town. Whereas others might have thrown in the towel at the enormity of this project, Greg would not be deterred. He enlisted my support, and together, we worked for more than ten years to successfully secure federal funding for the massive project, while he also worked tirelessly to obtain grant money from the state and county. Thanks to his vision and his patience, Saugerties is now home to the longest “shovel-ready” business corridor in Ulster County. All of us need him back as Supervisor to actively market Kings Highway to business and light industrial prospects, something that has been lacking since he has been out of office.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention another of Greg’s achievements concerning a project particularly near and dear to my heart – The Greenway. While serving in the NYS Assembly, I wrote and campaigned for the Hudson River Valley Greenway Act, which was signed into law in 1999. While towns up and down the Hudson River joined The Greenway and reaped its benefits, the relentless misinformation campaign by naysayers in Saugerties held sway for a number of years.


And then Greg became supervisor. Because of his thoughtful, inclusive leadership, Saugerties joined the Greenway communities and has greatly benefitted through the years. Greg knew that using Greenway grants to promote increased public access to the Hudson River, and to enhance the town’s natural resources and scenic areas, would be a boon for our residents and tourists alike.

He understood that encouraging economic development that is compatible with environmental stewardship is a win for our town, and he championed that concept repeatedly and successfully during his tenure as supervisor.

We need Greg back in office. His smart, common-sense, and non-partisan style of governing is the winning combination to continue bringing Saugerties to prosperity.

This is a very important election and your voice must be heard. Please join me in voting for Greg Helsmoortel this Election Day. He is by far, the best choice for Saugerties.

Maurice D. Hinchey


The writer served 20 years in Congress and 18 years in the State Assembly

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