Poll: Who is your pick for New Paltz supervisor?

Susan Zimet and Randall Leverette.

Susan Zimet and Randall Leverette.

With an upstart Republican candidate whose well-wishers tried to get him nominated by the Democrats, and an incumbent supervisor fighting back to hold onto her job, New Paltz’s supervisor race is anything but sleepy.

Supervisor Susan Zimet made town-village consolidation and municipal finance her focuses in her recent term. Efficient but brusque, the former Ulster County lawmaker’s governing style hasn’t pleased everyone.

Rival Randall Leverette thinks he can do better. He’d like to refocus Town Board discussions on needed infrastructure repairs and “common sense” governance.


Zimet, a Democrat, is endorsed by the Working Families Party, Independence Party and the Democrats.

Leverette is endorsed by the Republicans and is running on the Common Ground third-party line.

(Nominations for each candidate in gray. If for some reason your vote doesn’t go through, try again later.)


Should Kingston be declared a "sanctuary city"?

  • Yes (51%, 1,639 Votes)
  • No (49%, 1,555 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,194

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There are 16 comments

  1. Butch

    Agendas galore vs no agenda but service –
    Liar vs truth teller
    Excuse giver vs hard worker
    Bully vs gentle person

    You Decide!!!

    1. Butch Dener

      I speak the truth, You Gardiner resident,, if it sounds like bullying to you, then you must not be familiar with the truth!!
      Comment on your races in Gardiner, stay out of NP Governing,,
      Oh, wait, you never governed, you just protest those of us that do !!

  2. Tim Hunter

    Butch, with regard to you being a bully:thanks for the evidence

    And what exactly have you governed?
    other than the New Paltz Republican Committee & that
    “Thank You President Bush” sign you had on your Route 208 lawn for years

  3. Amy Cohen

    Thank you Susan Zimet for all that you do!
    Since Susan has been in office she has saved tax payers over a million & a half dollars!
    Susan has 7 grants in the works;
    -Looping water on cherry hill & south putt
    -sewer 6
    -crasgswood & Canaan rd to help the people affected by flooding
    -4 grants for solar backup for town hall, community center, highway garage, & back up for sewer 6
    Susan has the pavilion being built @ feild of dreams plus getting sewer there & concession with bathrooms
    Finally the town & village will be doing a joint master plan.
    Since Susan walked into a financial disaster as certified by the nys comptroller she has managed to get our Town finances in order; thank G-d
    We must continue in this positive direction on this financially sound path we are on.
    Please join me in keeping our community the gem that it is & lend your support on 11/5 to our Supervisor Susan Zimet

  4. Michael Gold

    Susan Zimet: Brilliant, Honest, Altruistic, Gutsy and Dedicated to the betterment of New Paltz. I’d vote for her to be Governor if she ran for that position.

  5. Robin Ward

    I’m excited to see so much support for Randall in this poll, but I know that polls are easy — getting to the voting booth is the part that matters.

    Randall Leverette puts a high priority on political transparency and ethics. He not only knows the Open Meeting Laws, but he will actually follow them. His focus is not on political maneuvering in order to maintain a position, but rather on actually governing — encouraging collaboration among all parties and serving all of New Paltz, not being biased towards those who serve some personal agenda.

    I will be voting Leverette.

  6. nancy Cohen

    Randall is a nice person but he has no experience or knowledge about running New Paltz. Furthermore, it’s impossible to tell what he really stands for. He finds it difficult to answer questions about specifics because he really doesn’t know anything about how town governance works. Let Randall serve a term on the Town Board gaining some experience before running for Supervisor. Support Susan Zimet – a proven leader with the experience and knowledge to get the right things done.

    1. Butch

      Zimet had less than NO gov’t experience,,,
      Randall is over-qualified for this position,,
      Be happy he is running at all,
      New Paltz doesn’t deserve a citizen like Randall in this poisoned atmosphere,,

  7. Fran Wishnick

    Ken and I really appreciate all the calls and e-mails concerning his opponent’s comments above. However, we ask that all refrain from responding to his opponent since it just perpetuates this childish and wrong-headed name-calling. Please vote and vote on the issues important to people!

  8. Bd

    7 years as Chair of Town Planning Board, Board of Directors of The EGG,, Co-Chair of Town-Village Master Plan,,
    Over 10 years of my Mondays & Thursday evenings serving MY community,, ( no, not Gardiner, like you) ,,
    If that ain’t governing, i dont know what is,,
    & your claim to fame, ??
    Oh right,, bad guitar playing & “tone deaf songwriting”
    Heeeheeeheee, got it,,,

  9. Ophelia Rentz

    My Goodness, Butch, you have a lot of vehemence and little validity. You’re coming off as Napoleonic child (angry small man) and fanatical. I’d take a hint from the man who suggested that you stop the asinine bullying, because it’s honestly disheartening to think of someone who behaves as you do holding any position of power within a community.

    On a more important note, both candidates seem like honest, hard-working people, but I really respect Susan Zimet’s anti-fracking standpoint and environmental advocation. It’s encouraging to find a political candidate who considers the land while legislating, and I personally hope she can continue her excellent work.

    1. Bd

      Thank you “ophelia”
      Walk a mile in my shoes then comment.
      If you had been dis-respected by your supervisor like so manyf us have been, you might sing a different tune.
      Doubt it tho,
      Call me if you want to have a civil discussion, doubt i will hear from you.

  10. MaryAnn Tozzi

    Good luck to both candidates. I hate election season. New Paltz has such GOOD people yet we’re reduced to mean little 3rd graders every time we hear the word “vote” 🙁 It amazes me that we go from having the BEST neighbors and community members until it’s time to vote, I just don’t get it 🙁

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