The City has fallen!

Here are the latest intelligences from the City, which hath been retaken by the King’s soldiers. The Continentals, giving a spirited fight, were forced by strength of numbers to flee into the mountains. The Mayor, Gallo, was taken, still in his Banyon and Cap, and tried before a Court-Martial for Treason, but due to a spirited defense and an assailment on the credibility of the Witnesses against him, acquitted by the Tribunal. Here are some engravings of the struggle and trial …

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  1. Ken McCarthy

    The good, the good…and the bad.

    I love this event. I saw it two years down at the beach.

    Kingston has an important history that it can be justifiably proud of. We were the thorns in the side of the British Empire that wanted to make us their tax slaves (the same thing our current politicians are successfully working at by the way.)

    The careful work that the re-enactors put into the display is obvious and very well done.

    One issue: The noise, especially when the crowd is near the gunfire in a semi-contained space, like uptown.

    If that level of noise were on a worksite, OSHA would require ear protection for all present – and they’d be right.

    If this were a gun range, the range master would advise everyone to don their ear protection before the firing started – and he’d be right.

    The noise from the guns and cannon is simply too intense to continue without some modification.

    The cannon blast is so severe, god help anyone close to it who didn’t know to cover their ears and open their mouths. It’s loud enough to blow out ear drums.

    There were old people at this event who are one episode away from having their their hearing knocked down to needing a hearing aid. There were also very small children who don’t need to start their lives out with a massive blow to their hearing. Hearing loss is serious business.

    Unlike a broken leg, once lost, you can’t bring it back.

    Public servants: Please find a solution before the next demonstration.

    Note: I don’t want to take anything from the event. It’s wonderful and important and I’d like to see it every year.

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