Letter: Support for Kelly Myers

Kelly Myers (Dion Ogust)

Kelly Myers (Dion Ogust)

I am writing this letter in support of Kelly Myers for town of Saugerties supervisor. Kelly is an honest, hardworking, caring lady who has worked very hard in her first term. She has always put the interest of all Saugerties taxpayers first. She was the only board member who stood up to a developer who didn’t feel the need to pay his fair share of taxes even when he agreed to do so. This cost taxpayers about $60,000. She then attempted to cut $400,000 out of the budget and got outvoted 3-2. She is always looking for ways to reduce taxes for the taxpayers.

She has been a champion for Saugerties in the battle regarding the turbid water from the Ashokan Reservoir which has damaged the Esopus Creek. She is an advocate for the dredging of the Lower Esopus Creek to revitalize our waterfront, retain the Coast Guard cutter in Saugerties, reduce flooding and improve marina business and recreation. Kelly was a member of the Esopus Creek Conservancy executive board and served as the vice president.

She has written two drug laws prohibiting the sale and possession of synthetic drugs and paraphernalia. EMS workers say this has helped to significantly reduce hospitalizations from drug overdoses. She has attended meetings with the Ulster County Legislature Ways & Means Committee in attempts to have the county keep its commitment to take over the costs for the Safety Net/Social Services.


She brought to the board a revised procurement policy that required all major expenses go out to competitive bid. The town has been cited in the past by the state Comptroller’s Office for awarding contracts that were not bid out. She has instituted a system of weekly bill-paying that made it easier for vendors to do business with the town. She ended the previous practice of allowing clerks and secretaries to approve vouchers and rubberstamp the checks. She has bid out high-interest bonds as they came up for renewal to reduce interest on money the town had previously borrowed. All contracts for town services were bid out to assure the best pricing for things like phone service, town insurance, employee health and dental coverage and trash removal from the transfer station. She will continue to seek out and support new businesses willing to relocate to the area or start fresh in Saugerties and will continue to support the businesses we already have.

Kelly has a very strong love for our children. She is a Girl Scout leader for Troop 60197, Rip Van Winkle Council Boy Scout of America as a Merit Badge Counselor, volunteers to the Saugerties Council of Churches Vacation Bible School and the list just goes on and on.

Kelly has worked very hard over her first term in office and has accomplished much. There is much work which still needs to be done and Kelly is the person to get it done. Kelly is a true example of a Blue Collar Worker, she see the problem then digs in and fixes it. She has done things the Old Fashion Way; she has earned your respect and your vote this November. It is my honor to support Kelly. I encourage and urge everyone to join me in supporting Kelly this November. You will be glad you did.

John Winters


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  1. saugertician

    Kelly asked for a raise for herself minutes after getting into office. I have a hard time with the level of sincerity with this one. Seems to be a “it’s all about me” kind of candidate.

  2. Gogo

    SAUGERTICIAN, that’s true but that was quickly resolved and what counts is what she’s done while in office. All in all Kelly had done a great job and she’s out there with the people all the time…very accessible. I say, vote for Kelly.

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