Letter: Ciarlante brings new insight to old problems

# candidates ciarlanteI am writing this letter to show my strong support and recommendation of Gaetana Ciarlante for Saugerties town supervisor. I have known Gaetana most of my life and know her to be a dedicated and trustworthy individual of good moral character.

A few years ago, Gaetana and I worked together on a project of great importance to the town of Saugerties— stopping Dickinson’s Keep, an “affordable/low income” housing project that was being pushed on the citizens with no regard to the effect it would have on our community. Gaetana stepped into this project full-force and worked tirelessly to accomplish the goals set forth; she fought for what she and the people of Saugerties believed was right!

I respect the manner in which she listens to and addresses problems people bring to her; she truly is a community-minded person. Gaetana has and continues to organize programs which brings new insight to old problems facing the citizens of Saugerties. Her concern for the well being of Saugerties and its› residents will make her an excellent town supervisor.


I believe that Gaetana Ciarlante, town supervisor, will lead Saugerties back to an affordable town that families, young and old, will be proud to call home. Please join me in voting for Gaetana Ciarlante on Row C on Election Day.

Pete Petramale


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    Ciarlante is sending out emails attacking Kelly Myers for proposing a tax cut!!! What kind of Conservative is she!!!

    I’m sure she’ll post here spreading misinformation to try to discredit Kelly. She’s just a spoiler with no chance of winning. She rails against liberal but voting for her will ensure the liberals remain in charge of Saugerties.

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