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mailSurrendering rights and mocking those who don’t

I wanted to again address the water meter debacle in Saugerties. On the Saugerties Times website, there is a pervasive attitude in the comments that is made up of snarky one-liners, condescension toward the way others articulate their views, and complete dismissal of anyone who does not toe the line of the status quo. I find it incredibly disconcerting that so many people are derisive toward property rights and the fundamental rights guaranteed by the US Constitution and the NY State Constitution. Where is this attitude coming from? Why are people so willing to give up their rights and chastise others who stand up for theirs? Why do people try to intimidate and bully others into apathy?

These citizens are members of our community and regardless of your personal opinion on the scientific validity of their claims, they have a right to their property and to the sanctity of their property. When we choose to forsake our rights and put down our neighbors for standing up for their rights, we are really destroying the very principles that this country was founded upon. And we also allow the following scenario to happen: a single mom in Naperville, IL decided not to have an electric meter installed at her house because she has a child with chronic illness. You know what happened? The installers hopped the fence of her property, basically trespassed on her property, and were escorted by armed police in order to install this meter. The video of this is on YouTube under the user name NapervilleSmartMeter. You can search for “installers hop fence” and you should be able to find the video.

Do we want Saugerties to end up like Naperville? Where consent and rights are trampled upon for corporate and government interests? In my previous letter to the editor in the week of Sept. 5, I explained the logic of federal government environmental policy and how it caters to corporate and federal interests at the expense of human welfare. The attitude toward Saugerties citizenry who stand up for their rights and well being suggests that what is going on in Naperville, IL could very well happen in Saugerties. Instead of reading headlines about chaos and riots at a Glasco smart meter meeting, we will read “Meter Installers Show up with Armed Police to Forcibly Install Meter on Property.” This can happen in Saugerties; it is already happening in Naperville, Ill. and countless other towns across America. I encourage readers to review the US Constitution and in the future try to approach our neighbors with the values and principles that our Founding Fathers espoused. John Adams stated our Constitution was made up for “moral and virtuous people.” Let’s try to have Saugerties rise to meet that standard.


Sarah Hyatt-Dahman


Lynch mob? No, just the facts

I was not happy with the way the Saugerties Times portrayed my picture on the front page under the heading “Lynch Mob.” No one was lynching anyone at the Glasco Firehouse the night of the so-called “information” meeting about smart meters. We were simply trying to inform the people of the health risks being imposed on us by our Town Board. Smart meters are being shoved down the throats and onto private homes of Glasco residents and we need to act now to stop this madness. In response to many installation refusals, the Town Board has directed expedited deployment of meters, in an attempt to get to them in before more residents get smart about their adverse health effects. This is an election year and we the people have the power to vote out those who make it their mission to jeopardize our health. Do people know that Supervisor Myers lives in the village and will not have a smart meter installed at her private mansion overlooking the Espous? Or that board member Jimmy Bruno, by his own admission, revealed that his “smart meter” will not be installed inside his house, but rather on the adjacent street corner? No toxic radiation will be bathing his home with cancer-causing emissions, unlike yours. Board member Bruce Leighton admitted none of the board members did any research about the health effects of smart meters, yet they voted unanimously in favor of it. Together they made the decision to install these dangerous devices on your property solely on the propaganda spewed by sales people who are paid with your tax money. Rather than ferreting out the truth, our Town Board parrots the sales pitch of the corporation that manufacturers the meters, all to convince you that these devices are safe. They defend their decision as it has become increasingly difficult for them to admit they made an $800,000 taxpayer-funded mistake.

“Do you have a cell phone?” Jimmy Bruno asks repeatedly. But it is not a comparison. A lot of people have cell phones, the difference is choice. Cell phones can be turned off but smart meters cannot. His next question is: “Do you have a microwave?” Studies show that the energy emitted by microwaves change the unique disc shape of human red blood cells rendering their oxygen carrying capacity inefficient. RF radiation from smart meters has the same effect and, over time, healthy cells mutate into cancer cells. We have a choice whether to use cell phones and microwaves but the bottom line is that these smart meters are being thrust upon us without our consent. What we don’t need is more radiation bathing our homes.

In a recent interview Kelly Myers said: “the Town Board has not yet decided how to handle residents who refuse to have new smart meters installed in their homes” Since when can a Town Board dictate what goes into your home? Last time I checked, my home was private property, and imposing any fees or fines for refusal is fascism. I will not allow Kelly Myers to insist that a perfectly functioning safe water meter be replaced with a toxic RF emitting “smart” meter and then expect to impose her own private backlash retaliation on those who refuse, especially when she doesn’t even have one herself. Who does Kelly Myers think she is? Your health is your choice. Refuse smart meter installations or suffer the consequences.

Donna Greco


Reversing the trends that are killing Saugerties

My campaign for Saugerties Town Supervisor is now entering full swing. I wish to convey to you the urgency for leadership with true conservative insight and application of conservative principles:

The Saugerties government may now be well financed but it is by your taxes and by the backing of your private property. The security of the individual is now at great risk. Like frogs in a simmering kettle, the heat is being turned up; gradually we are being boiled to death through taxation and removal of our individual liberties. Our money is being stolen through increasing taxes and assigned to private interests under the guise of grants, and attractions.

We are being betrayed by our elected leaders who continue this pattern. If either the current or former supervisor is re-elected you too may find yourself on the short list of those who are fleeing for a safer place to live.

You have known me for more than 10 years as an leader with courage, character, and consistency. Now is the time when my leadership skills are sorely needed to steer our town government back on a reasonable course.

As the Conservative nominee and an independent candidate my campaign promise is to hold the line on taxes and reduce them wherever possible. In respect for the people of this town I promise that I will neither seek nor accept a raise in salary.

My webpage is www.facebook.com/ciarlanteforsupervisor. You may also contact me at (845) 246-3390. On Thursday, Oct. 3 from 6-8 p.m. there will be a fund-raiser to provide financial support for the expenses being incurred with this endeavor. It is being held at the Stone Pony in Mt. Marion. I look forward to hearing your personal concerns and ideas. I know together we will succeed.

Gaetana Ciarlante


Saugerties led the way on bath-salt ban

I am delighted to report that the governor has signed a statewide law banning drugs known as “bath salts.”

As the town supervisor who wrote legislation and instituted the first local ban in NY State to address the serious problem of synthetic drugs and “bath salts,” I am proud to say we have been at the forefront of this important issue.

Saugerties law enforcement efforts have been very successful in removing bath salts and other synthetic drugs from the counters of local convenience stores. Initially businesses that sold synthetic drugs and bath salts were notified of the law and voluntarily removed the items from their shelves. Periodic enforcement checks revealed two businesses that were not in compliance with the law, and they were issued summons and successfully prosecuted.

According to emergency responders, as a result of the local ban on synthetic drugs and bath salts, (voted into law by the Saugerties Town Board on March 29, 2012), hospitalizations resulting from overdoses caused by the use of these substances have been significantly reduced. Town Police Chief Sinagra reports there have been no cases of synthetic drug overdoses in the past year.

Enacting this legislation in Saugerties was a proactive measure to protect people in our community from harm. Many people assumed that the drugs were not harmful because they had been sold at convenience stores.

Unlike cigarettes, there was no age restriction placed on the sale of these substances, and they were routinely sold to minors. Products were typically mislabeled and often did not contain accurate lists of ingredients.

These substances pose a significant risk to those who use them by creating addiction and producing a drug-like high with dangerous side effects including: hallucinations, erratic behavior, psychotic episodes (sometimes prolonged), intense anxiety that may lead to suicide, vomiting, increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure, hyperthermia, convulsions, heart attacks, multi-organ system failure and death.


In June of 2013 the NYS Senate and NYS Assembly voted to pass the law, and it was sent to the Governor for final approval. I am thrilled that the Governor has finally signed the Law prohibiting the sale and possession of these dangerous drugs.

Kelly Myers


Focus on the issues

In response to Robert Aiello’s comments about the voters’ selection of me over him in the Independence Party Primary, I have a message for you Mr. Aiello: You benefited from fewer people showing up more than I did! Your comments to the Times were intent upon discrediting the statement made by the voters and to dispute the validity of the signatures that I turned into the Board of Elections. We were both required to turn in at least 16 signatures in order to appear on the ballot, and I turned in 32, while you only turned in 17. In fact, I was told by numerous people that you were a prime target to have been challenged for having had an insufficient number of signatures, as you would have been disqualified as a candidate if two of the signatures were invalid. I chose not to challenge, because I have witnessed people make such challenges at the Board of Elections, and to me, they seemed petty and strange. I did not want to bring myself down to that level, and I wanted to be respectful to you; after all, you have a personal relationship with the Independence Party Chairman Len Bernardo; which is fine. I knew that I could beat you, and that Mr. Bernardo supports winners; in two years, he will support me.

Like you, I am also a supporter of the 2nd Amendment for the rights of gun owners. I am a deeper and stronger proponent for a single-payer based healthcare system, a government insurance option and low-cost health-care clinics that are based upon a sliding scale. I myself have had Lyme disease before, and I know more about how to properly treat Lyme disease than you do. We are both somewhat in agreement over the issues related to the NYC Watershed releasing turbid water into the channels that led into the Esopus Creek, although my perspective offers multiple solutions in addition to litigation. However, I am much stronger than you on the issue of economic development, high property taxes and the ways in which we can bring jobs into Saugerties. My ideas are thoroughly researched before I present them to my future constituents, and the voters are not stupid, they can tell the difference between someone who knows what they are talking about and someone who does not. I won by presenting ideas and solutions to the problems that plague Saugerties and Ulster County. After taking office, I am going to pressure politicians and SUNY to build a two-year agriculture and trade-based campus in Saugerties which will bring 600-700 jobs.

Mr. Aiello: despite what you think, I never disparaged you as a person! I never made any comments about your family’s employment on the county-level, as there is no correlation here at all! You have a wonderful family, but please do not launch personal attacks against me during a time in which I am caring for my father who has terminal bone/prostate cancer. Let’s only focus on the issues!

Chris Allen


Hey kid, get your own issues

New kid on the block, Chris Allen, candidate for legislator in District 2 was quoted in the Sept.12 issue of Saugerties Times mimicking his opponent in District 2. It appears that Chris Allen is citing pedestrian crosswalk issues in the village, increasing property taxes, economic development, and that he offers a stronger candidacy.

Chris Allen has not voted in the last six years in a local election and hasn’t reportedly ever voted in a School Board election or budget. By the way Chris, school taxes account for nearly 68 percent of total property taxes. But you wouldn’t know about school taxes because you don’t pay them. So, we have a candidate talking about property taxes but doesn’t own a home, economic development but doesn’t have a job with the exception of being a poll watcher at some time and counted heads in the one of the prior censuses. When Chris knocks at your door, ask him where he is employed and how he can afford to pay his health insurance?

Dude, get some issues of your own.

Bob Aiello
Legislator District 2

Editor’s note: Allen disputes Aiello’s assertion he hasn’t voted in recent local elections. He said he voted in the general election every year from 2009-12 and definitely in the School Board election in 2010 and 2013, and possibly in 2011-12, he’s not 100 percent sure.


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    Your property rights remain intact. But don’t expect the water service to continue to be provided to you if you don’t want to use the equipment the water provider uses.

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