Letter: Reversing the trends that are killing Saugerties

Gaetana Ciarlante

Gaetana Ciarlante

My campaign for Saugerties Town Supervisor is now entering full swing. I wish to convey to you the urgency for leadership with true conservative insight and application of conservative principles:

The Saugerties government may now be well financed but it is by your taxes and by the backing of your private property. The security of the individual is now at great risk. Like frogs in a simmering kettle, the heat is being turned up; gradually we are being boiled to death through taxation and removal of our individual liberties. Our money is being stolen through increasing taxes and assigned to private interests under the guise of grants, and attractions.

We are being betrayed by our elected leaders who continue this pattern. If either the current or former supervisor is re-elected you too may find yourself on the short list of those who are fleeing for a safer place to live.


You have known me for more than 10 years as an leader with courage, character, and consistency. Now is the time when my leadership skills are sorely needed to steer our town government back on a reasonable course.

As the Conservative nominee and an independent candidate my campaign promise is to hold the line on taxes and reduce them wherever possible. In respect for the people of this town I promise that I will neither seek nor accept a raise in salary.

My webpage is www.facebook.com/ciarlanteforsupervisor. You may also contact me at (845) 246-3390. On Thursday, Oct. 3 from 6-8 p.m. there will be a fund-raiser to provide financial support for the expenses being incurred with this endeavor. It is being held at the Stone Pony in Mt. Marion. I look forward to hearing your personal concerns and ideas. I know together we will succeed.

Gaetana Ciarlante

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  1. Henry

    Did she say public money is “being stolen and assigned to private interests”? Sounds like slander to me. How can she make accusations like that and not back them up? Why does the Saugerties Times print this? I thought she took the no bashing pledge? Her party chairman Heidcamp must think “the pledge” only applies to his son in law.

  2. Dan Ellsworth

    Reply to Henry WHO?.
    What would you call “Your money being forcefully taken through TAXATION and given to wealthy developers in the form of TAX BREAKS.” You pay MORE than YOUR FAIR SHARE so they can pay LESS than THEIR FAIR SHARE. LEGAL TAKING IS STILL STEALING.
    The Saugerties Times printed Gaetana Ciarlante’s letter for the same reason they printed yours “FREE SPEECH”.
    If the issue SHOE fits wear it! Taxation and government spending are serious issues facing all of us. Questioning public officials about their spend and tax policies is not bashing. It’s called trying to find out why we’re being taxed out of our homes. Henry are you afraid to have your candidates policies questioned. You should be.

  3. Phil S.

    Slander would be saying something like: “Elected official x embezzled money from the town to his/her offshore bank account” or “awarded a no-bid contract to a family member” without backing it up. Calling increased taxation “theft” is this person’s view, and it’s not directed at any particular public offical but the town government as a whole.

    You could just as easily use the word “extortion” which also refers to a crime but could also describe our property tax system which is basically: you pay us thousands of dollars every year or we take the thing you own. (Pay up or threat of deprivation of house and home)

  4. Maggie Emerson

    ok kids – stop bashing

    Saugerties taxes are higher then most towns and villages in the state and the country.

    Our parks, city and village side walks, beaches, water ways do not reflect what they should with the kind of taxes we are all paying

    Greed and ego have taken course and they need to be derailed.

    A public office is to serve the public, not thy self.

    New businesses are coming in but no one is making money as we are loosing it to taxes and the New Businesses including HITS pays zero. That reality it disgusting and disgraceful and taking advantage of the less fortunate.

    If we do not vote in a conservative who will put an end to these tax hikes and not offer more services to the town, clean up the water ways, the village Beach, the parks, the ugly weeds and rubber wraps on the telephone poles that are falling apart. No one here will be able to live here not will they want to.

    The local government has done NOTHING to bring in new business that benefits locals with jobs or income that off set the tax burden on the people. Though I recall being told Kelly Meyers demanded a salary increase within a week of taking on her new roll. That is a perfect reflection of what we have had – politicians in it for personal gain, not the gain of the community. How embarrassing for us and the office of Supervisor. Right?

    We had a spur of new people and they have left. The school enrollment drop is a direct reflection of a poorly administered town and village.

    If we do not vote in intelligent persons to positions whom are chasing the position to truly assist the people of the village and the town versus their own pockets and ego feed, all the gain this town and village has had will begin to slip away as people are moving out due to the lack of services and in particular embarrassing School stats.

    For all the opportunity given to us with the influx of property owners and businesses after 911, and the extraordinary amount of taxes paid locally, it is pathetic to see our town and village in the state in which it is in.

    If we screw up and elect the wrong officials – we have no gain, but many loses, hitting our wallets, and our community.

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