Most Independence Party nominees hold on

The nominee Helsmoortel now has the Democratic and Independence nominations

Greg Helsmoortel held onto the supervisor nod

When all the hand-written votes were tallied early tonight, all but one candidate previously nominated by the Independence Party still had the nomination. The exception was in District II of the County Legislature, where newcomer Chris Allen defeated longtime incumbent Bob Aiello.

Here are the results. Party nominee first, with challenger in parenthesis. All results unofficial.

County Legislative District I

Mary Wawro-36 (Beth Murphy-15)

County Legislative District II

Robert Aiello-35 (Chris Allen-31)


Greg Helsmoortel-80 (Kelly Myers-13, Gaetana Ciarlante-6)

Town Board

Bruce Leighton-82 and James Bruno-61 (Marjorie Block- 21, Bill Schirmer- 14)


Highway Superintendent

Raymond Mayone-62 (Myer-38)

Town Justice

Daniel Lamb-75 (Lanny Walter-37)


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  1. Max

    WOW, Kelly Myers only got 13 votes on the Independence line and she only got 17 votes on the Conservative line… I think the voters are sending her a message, its time to GO KELLY!

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