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kt logoWhy I’m running for Third Ward alderman

As Kingston resident, a small business owner, a board member of the Kingston Land Trust and architect of over 20 years, I am writing to ask for my neighbors’ support in my bid for alderman of the Third Ward in the upcoming primary on Sept. 10.

For years, we have heard of Kingston’s unrealized potential. Since I invested in commercial property in Uptown Kingston several years ago, and my wife, Sari, and I bought our house in the Third Ward, I have seen promising evidence that Kingston has turned a critical corner: Kingston now enjoys great new restaurants and other new businesses, as well as an increase in the quality and number of cultural events including the nationally recognized O-Positive Festival; the new Kingston Arts Festival; the Kingston Jazz Festival; the Kingston Film Festival and a growing movie production

industry. As a community, we would be well-served to concentrate on accelerating positive, sustainable, and smart growth needed to improve and strengthen our part of Kingston.


As the unanimously selected candidate of the Third Ward Democratic Nominating Committee, I am proud to make the case to be Alderman of Kingston’s Third Ward.

We must initiate and continue infrastructure projects with progressive and fiscally sound

solutions. Embarking on a comprehensive overhaul of our aging infrastructure is a high priority, and must be tackled immediately. One example that all Third Ward residents are well aware of is the Washington Avenue sinkhole. This has become an expensive (over $3 million and still not fixed) and lengthy project. Without a comprehensive plan or a schedule of completion, this runaway repair has not only been a major inconvenience to residents, it has hurt businesses, property values, and Kingston’s credibility.

By ensuring that requests for qualifications (RFQ’s), proposals (RFP’s) and contracts are

effectively written and auditing city expenditures closely, we will save tax dollars, and hold contractors accountable for their work. This is a service architects provide for clients, and a function the City should efficiently and effectively perform for its taxpayers.

Much of what I offer are simply effective, common sense solutions, without particular Party affiliation. Nevertheless, I stand as a strong and proud Democrat, ready and willing to draw upon my party’s principles to help realize Kingston’s potential.

Voters of the Third Ward should be aware that one of my two opponents for the Democratic nomination will be running in the general election as the Republican nominee. Andrew Champ-Doran is also seeking a write-in nomination as the Independence Party candidate. It is fair to ask: which Party will Champ-Doran caucus with on the Common Council were he to prevail in either or both of the other two primaries and the general election? As a lifelong Democrat, I represent the core Democratic principles of the Party. In order to assure a true choice of candidates in the

general election, registered Democrats must voice their opinion in this primary.

As alderman, I pledge to be accessible and responsive to all of my neighbors. I welcome and encourage concerns, creative ideas and comments from residents of the Third Ward as we work for our common good. Together, we will lift the Third Ward to greater heights; together, we will build a better Kingston; and together, we will make Kingston the best city in the HudsonValley.

With your vote on Sept. 10, I will be honored to be your Democratic candidate for Third Ward Alderman.

Brad Will, Kingston

Vote for Kelder

My name is KT Tobin and I am writing as a progressive Working Families Party member to strongly encourage Democratic voters in Kingston’s Third Ward to vote for Richard Kelder in the Democratic primary on Sept. 10.

I’m a civic-minded working mom who has lived in Ulster County for nearly a quarter century, and I have known Richard for many years. I strongly support him for city council because his values reflect Kingston’s community character and because he has demonstrated success in implementing positive, progressive change. His personality pairs vital qualities that are requisite for political success — he is compassionate, yet tough; intellectual and understanding of complexity, yet focused and practical.

Richard Kelder understands that we need to protect and preserve our natural environment while creating vibrant local economies and safe, healthy places to live. He knows we need to address climate change with alternative, renewable energy solutions while reinvesting in our urban buildings and infrastructure. And, as a proud born-and-bred resident, he is passionate about preserving and protecting Kingston’s historic and cultural character.

In his public life, Richard has provided exemplary service on the Ulster County Human Rights Commission. In New Paltz, where we work together, he provided the necessary leadership for our union locally and in Albany during very tough economic times. I’m confident that Richard will lead the community in consensus and collaboration because he has been very successful working with multiple stakeholders with varying needs and particular interests — a skill which is critical now more than ever in our diverse communities. He is a smart, creative, energetic person who will keep the interests of all citizens in mind during budget time, with decisions centered on equity, fairness, data, and facts — not rhetoric and petty politics.

Ward 3 Democrats, vote for Richard Kelder to be your Democratic candidate for city council on Tuesday, Sept. 10.

KT Tobin, New Paltz

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  1. gerald berke

    I note that neither candidate says anything about Mayor Gallo… that’s quite the elephant in the room… the city is in fact improving and there is reason to find that a lot of that has to to with Mayor Gallo… do these me wish to aid in that progress, or get in the way? Do they wish to reprioritize or bring added emphasis to some of the mayors programs…
    I can’t imagine a congressman or senator in the state or nation running without mention of the executives programs… but here we are, people running for Common Council without reference to the programs and policies underway by the existing, and very active, executive…
    What a very strange body the Common Council is…

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