Ciarlante and Myer win Saugerties Conservative nod

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The lineup: Jimmy Bruno (town councilman), Lisa Stanley (town clerk), Dan Lamb (town justice), Suzi Filak (receiver of taxes), William Schirmer (town councilman), Doug Myer (highway superintendent) and Gaetana Ciarlante (town supervisor)

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George Heidcamp, back in the chairman spot after a few years off, ran the caucus

Third time’s a charm.

After nearly winning the Republican nomination and a “why not” bid for the Democratic nomination, Gaetana Ciarlante came away with a victory at tonight’s Conservative Caucus. She defeated incumbent Supervisor Kelly Myers by a better than 3-to-1 margin. Ciarlante, who was the Conservative Party Search Committee’s recommendation, has been a frequent critic of Myers, most recently on the issue of new water meters in Glasco and Barclay Heights.


So far, the nominations for supervisor are as follows: former six-term supervisor Greg Helsmoortel has the Democratic line, Myers the Republican line, and Ciarlante the Conservative line. Helsmoortel was awarded the Independence Party nod by the party’s chairman, but a petition effort forced a primary Sept. 10. (Nearly all the offices will be on the ballot, but only the chairman’s picks will appear; the challengers need to be written in.)

The Conservative line was good for 470 of Myers’ 2,911 votes in 2011.

The highway superintendent race saw Doug Myer edge out Ray Mayone. Myer will appear on the Democratic and Conservative lines, Mayone on the Republican line.  Mayone was the Independence Party pick.

William Schirmer and Jimmy Bruno were selected for Town Board, beating Bruce Leighton. The last three nominations weren’t contested: Dan Lamb for town justice, Lisa Stanley for town clerk and Suzi Filak for receiver of taxes.