LETTER: Mayone addresses theft rumors

# candidates mayone sAs a candidate for public office, I want to clarify something that happened to me nearly 25 years ago. I write this to address the rumors which have been spread during this political campaign season.

Another young man had threatened to assault my father. As a means of retaliation, I took possession of a piece of equipment worth between $500—$1,000 for which that person was responsible. I pled guilty to a misdemeanor for possessing it and paid a $250 fine.

It was an embarrassing incident about which I am certainly not proud. I have successfully owned and operated a construction company, been a volunteer fireman, contributed to community activities and have been a licensed security officer in New York and Tennessee.


This incident in my younger days should not be made a distraction during my campaign for Saugerties Highway Superintendent. What is relevant is whether I can run the Highway Department efficiently and save taxpayer money. I know I can.

Raymond Mayone


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  1. Darlene

    Just get used to public office. If the “incident” is true than there is no rumor. But nice to see a grown man stand up and clear the air. Good Luck to you.

  2. KT

    25 years and lessons learned for sure…. Who hasn’t made a mistake or two in their lives… All’s it takes is a dirty politician to bring up someone else’s mistakes only to try to make themselves fit the bill. You wonder what the other candidate is hiding to pull such low little punches….

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