Letters (8/1-8/8)

mailPedestrian right-of-way signs needed

In 2003, New York State passed a law mandating right-of-way at intersections for pedestrians. I recently witnessed a potentially fatal accident at the village of Saugerties intersection connecting Dallas Hot Weiners with Inquiring Minds book store. A woman crossing the street was struck by a car and was thrown into the air ending up on the car windshield.

With increased weekend traffic, a great deal from out of town, the situation is intensified. Many are unaware of the pedestrian right-of-way law at intersections, and what is needed is a sign stating the right of way as well as a marking on the pavement indicating the safe section from which to cross the street.

Keeping the safety of pedestrians in mind, I urge village officials to have these pavement markers in place as well as the right of way signs. I would be happy to assist in any way I can.


Robert Aiello
Legislator District 2


Truth in advertising

Hear ye, hear ye! County legislators David Donaldson and Donald Gregorious have jointly sponsored a bill to demand truth in advertising at gas stations.

It has rankled me for some time now that many area gas merchants are using bait-and-switch advertising tactics to secure business. It is deceitful to advertise a gas price in large numbers without indicating that that price is for “cash” customers.

I commend our Ulster County legislators for taking this proactive stand on this deceptive gas advertising ploy. It is interesting to know that Dutchess County has already passed just such a bill and I am hopeful that the entire Ulster County Legislature will support this joint bill.

To my fellow readers, please contact your Ulster legislator and encourage a positive vote for this bill.

Susan Puretz


Republicans will put Saugerties on right track

After a decade of Democratic Party mismanagement, Saugerties town finances are in shambles. Property taxes doubled and two financial agencies lowered the town’s credit rating. In five years, a $700,000 general fund surplus was turned into a $400,000 deficit. Incredibly, during this time, the Democratic majority tried to buy a carousel for four times more than it was worth and spent tax dollars on Opus 40 without a public vote.

Supervisor Kelly Myers was left an absolute mess by her predecessor. She walked into office with $400,000 in unpaid county Safety Net and election charges and a negative fund balance. Hurricane Sandy caused millions of dollars of damage to Saugerties. A state comptroller audit found the town wasn’t properly paying bills and awarding no-bid contracts.

Despite these challenges, Kelly has done a great job getting Saugerties back on track. She established new policies so bills are paid properly and contract are bid out per state law. She kept her promise to promote open government by posting the town budget and meeting agendas online. She successfully lobbied for county takeover of Safety Net. Standard & Poor’s credited Kelly for turning around town finances.

Kelly’s done a lot, but much more needs to be done. The town has a $400,000 deficit and several town departments wildly overspent their budgets. Kelly proposed $400,000 in spending cuts only to be thwarted by the Democratic majority.

This fall, it’s vitally important that Saugerties elect Bill Schirmer to the Town Board. Bill is a small-business owner not afraid to make the tough decisions necessary to make ends meet. He will be a great partner with Kelly Myers and Jimmy Bruno in restoring town finances and leading Saugerties to a prosperous future.

David DeForest

editor’s note—The Town Board currently has no Democrats. Bruce Leighton, Fred Costello and Leeanne Thornton are members of the Independence Party. They have, however, received the support of the Democratic Party and appeared on its party line in recent elections.


Club traditions

For over 85 years there has been a tradition, a white rose tied in a ribbon of navy blue, a prayer to comfort, and a small circle of sisters for a loved one that has passed. It was just a few minutes of memories that last, to honor one’s mother or family member that has passed. You said there were no flowers a donation for you but just one small white flower tied gently in blue and a single Lord’s Prayer as we always tried to do. No donation can replace the small gesture we make for the time of one’s comfort has already passed. Let us not forget others as we stay busy in life, that our traditions must always be a part of our life. One by one good friends came and some membership too and I hoped and I prayed for that special prayer too. Let’s always remember when we get the sad call on that day, that our dear fellow sister has now been put to the test. We must always make time to come to their call whether a card or a call or whatever you do we stand by our fellow sister to remember their call. You said there are no flowers that a donation is best but my loved one is gone, laid gently to rest. Please remember today, that it is not too late for the rest, our members are sisters and we must all do our best. No matter how small our group may sometimes be, we must always be there for our sisters in need. Forever thankful to our members we will be, for the comfort they gave us in our time of need. Thank you to the members of our Girls Community Club.

Sherian Thornton
Club historian, past president,
vice president and secretary


Just the facts

Once again, I’m forced to respond to Saugerties Republican Party chairman Joe Roberti Jr.’s lies and inaccuracies. Mr. Roberti stated “Democrats required all Town Board candidates seeking their endorsement to pledge unconditional support for future projects like Dickinson’s Keep or they wouldn’t receive party backing.” That is an outright lie, it never happened, and I challenge Mr. Roberti to back up his statement with facts.

He also stated “Saugerties Democrats held a kangaroo court to kick out party members who didn’t share their extreme liberal views.” This is a blatant lie and a misrepresentation of the facts.

Ten years ago, some members of the Saugerties Democratic Committee (SDC), were angered when their preferred candidates were not nominated at the Democratic Party town caucus. While still elected committee members, they created an independent party and ran members of an opposing party against the candidates nominated by Saugerties rank and file Democrats. Other members of the SDC brought charges of disloyalty based on the bylaws of both the New York State and Ulster County Democratic committees. The Ulster County chair at that time, as required by the bylaws, constituted a hearing board of five Democratic county committee members from different towns. There was a hearing officer and legal representation for both sides and due process was followed. The hearing board recommended that the issue be brought in front of the full county Democratic committee for a vote on the charge of disloyalty. However, since the members chose not to run for re-election to the committee the issue was put to rest.

Mr. Roberti is allowed his own opinions, but not his own facts. He constantly repeats the same mistruths over and over with the hope that the voters will buy his story. Rather than subjecting the public to our ever-present dueling letters every week, I present a challenge to him. Let’s agree that the editorial boards of the papers (though they don’t need our permission) can research the facts within our letters and either withhold inaccurate letters or add their editorial comments to them.

I’m in Joe, how about you?

Mike Harkavy
Chair, Saugerties Democratic Committee