LETTER: GOP will rebuild town finances

nice-elephant-drawingAfter an exciting process, Saugerties Republicans nominated a strong slate of Town Board candidates determined to fix town finances destroyed during a decade of Democratic Party rule.

Republican Town Council nominee Bill Schirmer, a small business owner with a long history of community service, will provide incumbent Supervisor Kelly Myers and Deputy Supervisor Jimmy Bruno with the support they need to reform our town government and eliminate the $400,000 General Fund deficit accrued by the Democratic-backed majority.

Kelly and Jimmy Bruno kept their promise to rescind the terrible Dickinson’s Keep tax agreement. They kept their pledge to promote open government by posting the budget and meeting agendas on the town website. Kelly and Jimmy lobbied for the county takeover of Safety Net and election charges, enacted a new cost-saving health insurance plan for town employees, and worked with county, state and federal officials to promote economic development.


Kelly’s predecessor left behind an empty office, a negative fund balance, and $400,000 in unpaid Safety Net and election charges. She proposed substantial budget cuts to cover these charges only to be thwarted by the Democratic majority. Clearly, Saugerties taxpayers cannot trust the failed leaders of the past to lead us out of the mess they created.

I’m confident that when voters learn more about Bill Schirmer, he will be elected to the Town Board and join Kelly Myers and Jimmy Bruno to give Saugerties what it needs–a Republican Town Board majority!

Joe Roberti, Jr.

Chair, Saugerties GOP