Foodtruck festival on Thursday

food cart HZTHave you been to one of the Hudson Valley Foodtruck Festivals happening in the parking lot at Fiberflame on Route 212 every third Thursday of the month? The things started last October on a whim and — complete with nearly six hours of music, cheap food and drink, kids activities, and more music — have been repeating since late spring rain or shine.

The next one takes place from 3:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Thursday, July 18, according to organizers Pierre-Luc Moeys of Oriole 9 and YumYum, and Mark Propper of Miss Lucy’s and Cue, both in Saugerties.

Although now quite a few other spots, including a growing list of weddings, due to the fact that each man’s business has its own foodtrucks.


“I first ran into foodtrucks on First Fridays in San Francisco,” Moeys said of the idea behind the new festivals. “I met some of the truck owners at a chef’s conference. I also had a great experience with a Korean foodtruck in L.A.”

Propper talked about the growth of foodtrucks, building on the old food cart experience, in New York City.

“I love taco trucks, and the idea behind the solar-powered ice cream truck I saw in Provincetown,” he noted. “They give you an option that’s low cost and it’s really helped elevate that ‘grab and go’ American ethic by opening up all styles of food to street purchases.”

Both men spoke fondly of such fare as “poor man pizzas,” Mexican and Asian offerings, and even lobsters made available from foodtrucks.

For their Hudson Valley Foodtruck festivals they’re bringing in about a dozen entities like their own, albeit with each offering different fare, from as far away as Beacon and Troy…and including such colorfully-named trucks as Pippy’s, Kona Ice (from Kingston) and Jumping Jack Flash.

“I first had the idea of doing something years ago, then forgot about it as I got busy with other things. Then I bought a truck — YumYum on Wheels, which is now busy every weekend, and got to talking with Mark,” Moeys continued, describing the genesis of the festivals. “We bought a big tent in case it rains and built the thing up as a community festival, doing it on Thursdays so we wouldn’t get in anyone else’s way, and offered up some great music, this being Woodstock, along with some inexpensive quality food. We picked Fiberflame because Mark and I know Christine well…and then spread the word using only social media, focusing on Twitter and Facebook.”


Strength in numbers 

Propper said he built his Cue truck as a portable kitchen, complete with six burner stove, steam table, smokers and two refrigerators. Unsure of what he’d end up doing with it, he’s found a new market filled with weddings and other area events.

“Luc and I got to talking about how there’s always strength in numbers. You see it with restaurants in a neighborhood, and we felt we could do the same for foodtrucks with a festival,” Propper went on. “We contacted others like us and built up a core, working hard not to duplicate things. We’re trying to do something to benefit both our communities…”

For Thursday’s Hudson Valley Foodtruck Festival at Fiberflame, located at 1776 Route 212 (near the Saugerties Transfer Station), the offerings will include music by Doug Yoel and Friends, Mr. Roper, Tofu Decoy, and Hula Hoop Girl, crafts activities for kids in Fiberflame, movie screenings, and such foodtrucks as Slidin’ Dirty, Pippy’s Hotdogs, Black Eyed Suzies, Black Forest Kammenkuchen, Kona Ice, Tin Cantina, YumYum and Cue BBQ. l

For further information visit HV Foodtrucks on Facebook.