Letters (7/4-7/11)

mailSt. Mary will be missed

I would like to take a moment to convey my many thanks to the teachers and staff of St. Mary of the Snow School. For years I have witnessed their unbridled dedication and sacrifices. I am grateful for their time and I hope the lessons my children have learned will follow them throughout life.

Ms. Molinelli, Mrs. Miron, Mrs. Ressa, Mrs. Fiore, Mrs. Maday, Mrs. Belfance, Mrs. Adam, Mrs. Umlauft, Mrs. Bocchimuzzo, Mrs. Bannen, Mrs. Short, Mrs. Palen, Mr. Newkirk, Mr. Delgado, Mrs. Buzzanco-Norton, Mr. Rayman, Miss Osborne, Mrs. Rauschendorfer, Mrs. Norton, Miss Green, Mrs Armstrong. Thank you, for your patience, love and kindness! The school will be greatly missed.

Yvonne Winnie


No dice

If a town, or a county in the state of New York, or the state itself, needs a casino to flourish, or survive, that is a sign of ultimate demise. Casinos will destroy everything good about our community. Do not allow casinos to be placed in our community, town, or county—not even in our state.


Gilbert Hales


Myer in his own words

After reading the June 27, 2013 issue of Saugerties Times, I am compelled to summarize my decision on a certain employee issue. The article alluded to the fact that this specific employee issue is detrimental to my seeking re-election and it was a determining factor in my losing the Republican endorsement. In explaining this, I must make everyone aware that there is a legal order in place preventing me from revealing all of the facts. With that being said…I present to you, the readers, this explanation.

Many months ago, certain employee issues presented themselves, and were handled internally to no avail, compelling me to seek legal advice from two separate law firms. Attorneys at both firms concurred on a specific course of action. This course of action needed to be presented to and approved by the Town Board. The town supervisor sets the agenda for Town Board meetings. When the course of action was presented, proper parliamentary procedure was not adhered to which created a public fiasco. This should have been presented in executive session, not in the public session. All employee issues are supposed to be handled this way to protect the employee’s privacy. I can assure everyone that there are numerous facts to back up this decision and the action was taken under advice of counsel. The other party and I are mandated by law not to discuss this issue. I respect this and cannot be any more forthcoming with facts. I can assure you that there never was any hidden agenda or motives and certainly no discrimination in this case. Contrary to rumors, I have never, nor will I ever discriminate against an employee based on age, gender, ethnicity, etc.

This is one of the most difficult decisions I have been faced with since taking office. I respect the employee, the employee’s years of service and the employee’s desire to continue working. I sincerely wish the other option presented would have been accepted by said employee. But I also have an obligation to the citizens of Saugerties. I am elected to serve the town of Saugerties and its taxpayers and that’s exactly what I did knowing full well of the political fallout that most certainly would follow this decision.

I find it quite sad, yet amusing, that my opponent must resort to this employee issue to try and win an election, maneuvering with full knowledge that I can’t defend myself. It was publicly stated at the Republican Caucus that Mr. [Ray] Mayone has “skeletons in the closet.” I personally know what that skeleton is, will not reveal it, and unlike my opponent, will not join in his tactics to win voter support.

I stand with honesty and integrity, present a proven track record and have complete trust that the voters in the town of Saugerties will tire rather quickly of this elementary charade being presented by Mr. Mayone.

Douglas F. Myer
Superintendent of Highways


Mayone has skill, character

We recently read a letter to the editor on this subject and we too feel compelled to offer our full support to Ray Mayone for Saugerties highway superintendent.

Jan and I first met Ray in the spring of 1999 while searching for a reputable excavator and other sub-tradesmen to build our home. Ray had come highly recommended and, after due diligence and a meeting at our property, it became apparent he was a competent professional and, more importantly, proved to be a highly ethical, hard-working and good-natured family man who always went the extra mile for us. We actually sealed our agreement with Ray the old-fashioned way—a simple handshake—and his work was subsequently completed on-cost and on-schedule.

We have since come to know Ray and Carol Ann as cherished friends. Over the years, we would often stop by Bishop’s Gate to say “hi” (and maybe bring some homemade chocolate chip cookies) or to just watch Ray perform his heavy equipment magic. Ray’s skills have never ceased to amaze us—from road building and paving, to municipal services and turnkey home contracting—and over the years we can honestly say we have not met anyone who has ever had anything but good things to say about Ray or Carol Ann.

Ray and his family are mainstays of the Saugerties community and whether putting on free community hayrides for the holidays or helping out a neighbor in need, they have come to epitomize what hard work and good-natured neighborliness are all about in this community.

Given the opportunity, we are confident Ray will bring his personal qualities, rich skills and broad experience to bear in this important position—one we all depend upon so much every day though often take for granted.

Jan and I wholeheartedly and unconditionally recommend Ray Mayone for the position of Saugerties highway superintendent. We look forward to the opportunity to support Ray with our vote and we encourage all Saugertesians to give him their earnest consideration this November.

Dan and Jan Marazita


Mayone also seeking Dem nod

Thank you to Local #17 for their endorsement for me as I run for Town of Saugerties Highway Superintendent. I hold great respect and admiration for unions as I have been a member of the union for over 25 years. I am also sincerely asking for support from the Democrat voters of the town of Saugerties as we approach the Democratic Caucus which is being held on Tuesday, July 9 at 7 p.m. at the Saugerties Senior Center. I am fully aware of the challenges and responsibilities that lie ahead for me. I am prepared and would be honored to be your Town of Saugerties highway superintendent.

Ray Mayone


Myer has town’s best interests at heart

Though I don’t believe I have ever met Doug Myer, I have benefited from the fine work done by the Highway Department throughout the town. It displayed a strong and effective response to Hurricane Irene, cleaning up debris and repairing roads expeditiously. I often encounter the crew working on my road. They are friendly, helpful and hard-working. The department is run very well. Bridges and culverts have been repaired or replaced, brush and trees trimmed carefully and roads repaved. Grants have been successfully obtained to cover much of the cost of the work, saving us taxpayers a lot of money.

I certainly would not want to second guess the superintendent’s hiring or firing policy. He is the head of the department and solely responsible for managing his team of excellent workers. The last thing the town needs is for this department to become a patronage mill run by outsiders. We need to reelect Doug Myer as a truly independent Highway Superintendent unfettered by special interests who may not have the town’s interest at heart.

Barry Benepe


Myer serves Saugerties, not Roberti

I am writing this letter to support Doug Myer for town highway superintendent.

I was extremely surprised that the Republican Party is not supporting him for that position – so I asked him why directly.

Being a true gentleman, he didn’t want to say anything negative about anyone, but as I probed with more questions, I got the impression that the same old inflexibility and necessity for anyone who’s on that ticket to do what they are told by the Party bosses (Roberti and Roberti?) led to the disaffection.


Sounds familiar!

Doug just repeated that when he took the oath of office, he vowed to be the supervisor for all of us, no matter what our political affiliation or where we live. And it’s clear he takes that vow very seriously, and has had the courage to do the right thing for the good of the department, whether or not it ruffles feathers in one camp or another.

In answering my direct questioning on the issue of the former secretary, it was clear to me that his decision was based on serious and immediate professional needs of the town, was researched carefully by him, and should have been handled by others (read: town supervisor) in such a way as to not embarrass anyone, and in a way that could have led to a better outcome for all. He was obviously upset by the insensitive and improper way the issue was made into a public side show rather than kept between the relevant parties.

I felt completely satisfied that Doug acted honorably and professionally and has been not just poorly served by members of his party, but is now being actively undermined by them. I also feel completely confident that he will continue to act in the best interests of all of Saugerties, completely independently of any political agenda.

Incidentally, isn’t this exactly why other prominent members of the Saugerties Republican Party have left it to become independents or non-enrolled or even (Horrors!) Democrats? There are many decent people in the GOP–why are you all allowing the present leadership to taint you with its current tactics? Time to take it back or get out!

Quite a growing list: You can be confident that the following folks have the courage to do what’s right for all of Saugerties: Greg Helsmoortel, Bruce Leighton, Leeanne Thornton, Freddie Costello, and now Doug Myer. Reason enough for any responsible citizen to vote for them!

Susan Weeks


A stellar job

Attention members of the Saugerties Democratic party: The Saugerties Republican party has chosen not to endorse Doug Myer as their candidate for highway superintendant despite the fact that he has done a stellar job in his first term.

One has to wonder why this has happened? Democrats, this is your chance to allow Doug Myer to continue the fine job he has been doing as highway superintendant by showing your support for good clean government at your upcoming caucus. Even a quick look at the state and federal monies Doug has procured for our town, his exemplary interaction with FEMA, his provision for a state-of-the art Highway Department office building which also freed up space for employees lunch area, his flat-budget projections and the incredible fund balance should be sufficient to warrant your support. Please support this hard-working and honest man in his bid to retain the job of highway superintendant at your caucus. You won’t regret it!

Barry Greco


True blue

As the only lifelong Democrat running for Town Board, registered as such in Nov. 1988, I am seeking the support of fellow Democrats at the July 9 Democratic Caucus. Since January of this year, I have expressed my desire to run for Town Board to the leadership of our Democratic Committee. I have respected each and every step in the Committee’s process; including the submission of a resume, meeting with the Search Committee, and now, appealing to our community for support at the Caucus. It is up to the registered Democrats in our community to determine who they would like to represent them on the ballot in November.

I bring to our town the experience and connections working at county, state, and federal levels. Please let me put this experience and skill to work for our Town. I have demonstrated a non-partisan work ethic to ensure the services and resources meet the needs of all constituents, regardless of party affiliation. I have been an advocate and a listener. I have never sought a position to hear myself talk but rather a position to get the work done.

In the role of Town Board Councilman, I seek to improve transparency of our town government, increase the access to documents and availability of archived records, and encourage the creative approaches to economic development.

I have and will continue to work for our community. I have been a Girl Scout Leader of a multi-level troop as well as a Committee Chair and Den Leader for the Boy Scouts. I have been on the soccer fields as a U-6 coach and parent volunteer. I clean tables at the Glasco Fire House Breakfasts. I am not a politician looking to shake hands or take pictures, I am here to work for Saugerties.

I invite you to view my resume on the Facebook page Krista J Barringer or contact me via email (ksimera@aol.com) or text/call my cell at845-399-8095. If you are a registered Democrat, please attend the July 9 Caucus at 7 p.m. at the Saugerties Senior Center and vote a Democrat for Town Board this year. If you are not a Democrat but still support the values of hard work, please visit my Facebook page and support my candidacy. Let me work for you in Saugerties.

Krista J. Barringer