Letters (6/27-7/04)

mailHinchey: don’t be short-sighted

I am writing to add my support to efforts to preserve William Sheffield’s 1882 Mansion House known as Clovelea, overlooking the Hudson River in Barclay Heights. I strongly believe this extraordinary building, obviously in need of extensive repair, should be protected, saved and maintained for the benefit of the Saugerties community and for many generations to come. Its historic, architectural, cultural and educational value should not be underestimated. This 19th century landmark represents a unique period in Saugerties’s remarkable history, and is an integral part of a bygone era that must not be destroyed because current owners have let it lapse into disrepair.

The Historical Review Board has an opportunity here to do what’s right for the community and for history. Let’s not repeat the debacle that occurred in Kingston when the Old Post Office was torn down to make room for urban renewal projects, and whose site remains to this day, a fast food outlet. Please, let’s not be short-sighted and have that happen here.

I realize that substantial funding will be needed to repair and preserve this important architectural treasure. An historic landmark designation would certainly be instrumental in that effort, and frankly, without it, prospects for such funding would certainly dim. I commit whatever positive effort I can to help save this wondrous Mansion House. Its preservation will certainly help the village on the path towards an illustrious future, and would further establish Saugerties as a community that respects, protects, and values its cultural heritage.


For more information, see the excellent website of Michael Sullivan Smith regarding the detailed history of Clovelea, and its original owner William Sheffield, a titan of village industry. I am including a link for further background: https://saugerties-on-hudson .blogspot.com/20 12/12/clovelea-icon-of-era. html

Maurice D. Hinchey

The writer is a former congressman and assemblyman


Restore tree commission’s oversight power

In the June 20 issue of the Saugerties Times it was reported that the 2009 law establishing the Village Shade Tree Commission to plant, prune and remove street trees belonging to the village was amended to include the care of stone sidewalks and tree lawns. The article stated, “This will allow the Tree Commission to decide whether a home owner would be allowed to remove a [street] tree.” Unfortunately, perhaps through oversight, this provision which stated that “no person shall remove . . . a tree on any Village street . . . without first having obtained written permission” appears to have been removed in the amended law. If we are to reverse the alarming rate of the unauthorized removal of mature street trees it should be restored.

Barry Benepe

The writer was appointed by the Mayor as consultant to the Village Tree Commission in 2010.


Block is dedicated to community

We have the opportunity to support a person for the Town Board who is truly passionate about our community residents and affairs!

Marjorie (Marge) Block is running for a position on the Town Board in this year’s election. Marge has been an active (and sometimes outspoken) participant in town affairs for over a decade. She is the current chair of the Saugerties Historical Society and the Saugerties Tourism Committee….making a difference locally, regionally and statewide.

Her latest success is the resurrection of a circa 1790s barn at the Kiersted House on Main Street. She has been the driving force behind the volunteers and their time, securing finances and materials for the project when there were, seemingly, none to be had. Her persistence and dedication has made the Kiersted house a living museum to the community and its children.

Marge just recently stepped into the chairman’s position of the Town of Saugerties Tourism Committee and there too has already made an impact. A successful 200th Anniversary Gala celebrating the incorporation of the town was attended by over 250 citizens, business owners and politicians thanks to her efforts and ability to reach out. The Old Timer’s Day/Great Bed Race idea was brought to fruition by Marge and her seemingly unending enthusiasm and organizational skills.

I have worked closely with Marge on both projects and can say that it has been a pleasure to deal with her on both a professional and personal level. When Marge gives you her word and support…you can count on it! Let’s do the same for her and back her for a position on the Town Board this year.

Marge is one of the most genuine, hardworking individuals I have encountered in my own volunteer efforts for Saugerties. She is my candidate of choice and I hope that she can also count on your vote.

Barbara Budik


Block understands Saugerties

Marjorie Block would make a great addition to the Town Board. No one has a better understanding of Saugerties’s issues and of Saugerties’s strengths, and no one has worked harder for our town than she has. She’s running for the Democratic nomination, and I say support her.

Tad Richards


Block has dedication and passion

I am writing to endorse Marjorie Block for Saugerties Town Board.

I have known Marjorie for some time now and have always been impressed with her dedication and passion. Presently I have the honor of being on the Saugerties Historical Society Board of Directors of which Marjorie is president. I know that it is very important to the Society under Marjorie’s leadership that the Kiersted House is host to many community groups and plays an important role in emphasizing the history and heritage of our town and village.

Another facet of Marjorie’s resume which I should mention is her knowledge and understanding of how vital tourism is for the local economy and businesses so it is fitting that she was chosen to head the newly formed Saugerties Tourism Committee.

All in all, I think Marjorie Block would be a great asset to the Town Board and deserves your vote.

Mark Smith


Mayone thankful

I would like to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude for the support I received at the Republican Caucus. A special thank you to a remarkable lady, Alice Tipp and to Michael Catalinotto, a man I deeply admire. I am grateful for your nominations and your kind words. In addition, thank you to my family and friends for being behind me with your dedication and hard work. Your faith in my abilities is appreciated and you can rest assured that I will represent the citizens and taxpayers of Saugerties with the utmost diligence and respect.

Ray Mayone


Thank you from Jimmy Bruno

I just wanted to say thank you to all of the individuals who attended the Republican Caucus on June 19 at the Senior Center and voted for the slate of candidates that will represent the Republican Party in this November’s election. I especially want to thank everyone who voted for me, thus making it possible for me to seek re-election to a second four-year term as your Town Councilman. I truly appreciate the fact that along with waiting three-plus hours and enduring hot temperatures, everyone stayed, just so that they could support their candidates.

Again, I am humbled by the outstanding show of support giving me an opportunity to seek re-election this fall and I vow to represent all Saugerties residents to the best of my ability. If anyone needs to contact me my cell phone number is 845-399-8577 and my home phone number is 246-5010.

Thank you!

Jimmy Bruno


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  1. Derek

    I believe Maurice has the necessary funds to buy the Clovelea property and allow it to be renovated, if he so chooses.

    Otherwise, it should be up to the person who actually owns the property to decide what to do with it.

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