School Board: Minew, Heidcamp and Hyatt win seats

School Board of Trustee unofficial results in the May 21 vote were as follows: Angie Minew 985 votes, George Heidcamp 797 votes, Florence Hyatt 571 votes, Michael MacIsaac 504 votes, Robert Davies 204 votes, and Vincent McLaughlin 15 votes.

Minew and Heidcamp were on the ballot while the remaining candidates were write-ins.

School Board trustee carries a three-year term.

In the same election, voters approved the 2013-14 budget 1259-827.


Angie Minew and daughters, George Heidcamp.

Angie Minew and daughters, George Heidcamp.


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  1. Vincent McLaughlin

    You failed to mention there were 55 affidavit ballots to be counted which the School Board counts next week. Also, there were other candidates who had write ins as well that should be published. I would check with the district clerk for all the write in results.

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