Letters (1/17-1/24)

mailDeclare a truce and get back to work

We hope we speak for the taxpayers in Saugerties when we say that we are disgusted and appalled that the so-called leaders of our community would stoop to public airing of dirty laundry between each other.

We as citizens and taxpayers in Saugerties do not have the time or energy to care about who said what, when, why, and how long. We should not have to be concerned that there are adults displaying behavior more at home on a playground then in our local government offices.

This entire debacle has gotten completely out of hand. Neither our town nor our schools are running at 100 percent efficiency. Our taxes continue to go up, and there are continuous fears of losing amenities in both areas.


We suggest that these so called leaders take the time they are wasting by constantly writing letters, and bad-mouthing each other and airing it to the constituents, and use that time for what they were voted in for.

We implore you to start acting like adults and do the jobs you were elected to do. We plan on voting for no one that shows such juvenile behavior. We can only hope that the next time positions become available, that a candidate runs that is worried more about the job they do, then bashing another elected official each time they get the chance.

This letter is not an endorsement for any person acting in this manner. Both of us at times, have found ourselves in situations of verbal sparring, as most people have during some time in their lives. We hope our officials learn, as we did, that the behavior is not appropriate. Consider it a wake-up call, learn from it, let it go and move forward.

Neither person is above the other, but both should be ashamed of the spectacle they are making of themselves, not only to their employees, and their employers, the taxpayers in this community, but the young adults who take notice of the behaviors of their elders, and copy it.

Michele Sillins, Gregory Sillins


Dare is on

George Heidcamp recently called Saugerties Town Supervisor Kelly Myers a liar after she accused him of stalking and harassing her. Now Jennifer Mangione has raised additional questions about Heidcamp’s unsavory behaviors in her recent letter to the editor.

In fact, Jenny relayed her story to many after Heidcamp stalked and tried to intimidate her. As with Myers’s accusations, no one was surprised by Jenny’s story.

Jennifer comes from a family of strong character and values. She’s married into a family who shares those same values. She’s a woman of unquestionable integrity.

Heidcamp lacks character, is a bully and a liar. This has been his M.O. for decades. Now I dare Heidcamp to call Jenny a liar. In fact I double-dare him.

Dare is on.

Jo Galante Cicale


Proud to support Heidcamp

The recent letter to the editor from Mrs. Mangione against George Heidcamp was a personal attack, not based on fact. I have served with Mr. Heidcamp as a co-board member and under Mr. Heidcamp’s presidency and can tell you first-hand he runs a very efficient and well-structured meeting. His meeting protocol is straight-forward, to the point and very fair. Mr. Heidcamp allows anyone and everyone to speak on education matters and even takes criticism in stride. Mr. Heidcamp has self-educated himself in district business on all levels, and has always kept his board very informed. The lashing out at people, hollering and alleged bullying referred to in her letter is simply not the truth. Mr. Heidcamp has proven himself to be an effective leader on the Board of Education. Mr. Heidcamp’s ability to be fair to all and his ability to defend and fight for those who have been wronged is one of his greatest assets. I am proud to serve with him as board president.

Donald Tucker


I Could Not Have Said It Better

Joe Roberti Jr., Saugerties Republican chairman, went into full panic mode at the first rumor that Greg Helsmoortel was planning to run for Saugerties supervisor. Out came his typical, rehashed complaints even before there was an official announcement by Greg of his desire to throw his hat in the ring.

In response to Roberti’s letter online (Freeman 1/9/2013), a comment from Pelham 123 voiced many of my sentiments when he/she said:

“Really Joe. Get over the Republican/ Democrat B.S. After this past election and what’s going on throughout the country, I am sorry to say that I’m a registered Republican. It’s hard to believe that this guy spent 12 + years in office and no one has anything good to say? Everyone has an opinion and is entitled to it, but it seems that all of yours are negative and down right mean. Get a better outlook on life and who’s in it, and things may just work out for the better. While you make some good points and have some merit, overall, the way you’re making it sound is quite misleading and out of context.”

When Greg announces his candidacy he will outline his past accomplishments and his vision for the future of Saugerties. He and others will point out the record of the current supervisor without resorting to personal attacks. Make no mistake about it, Greg will fight for your vote, just as he has fought for the betterment of Saugerties. You can count on it!

Mike Harkavy
Chair, Saugerties Democratic Committee


Problem with women?

Politics is a rough business. I have dished it out and taken it. However, I do not like when women in politics are subject to bullying.

On many occasions, I have witnessed town Councilman Freddie Costello treat Supervisor Kelly Myers with absolute disrespect. I was not at the last Town Board meeting, but several people told me Costello once again “crossed the line” and was verbally abusive and rude to Kelly. Does Costello have a problem working with women in positions of authority? What a poor example this sets for town employees and the community!

I suggest Costello be treated like any other town employee acting this badly and be made to attend sensitivity awareness training. I urge taxpayers to contact Costello and let him know this type of behavior towards women will not be tolerated in our community!


Joe Roberti
Chair, Saugerties GOP


Myers has a poor record

It’s interesting that both Joe Roberti, Jr. and Kelly Myers keep blaming other people for Kelly’s lack of performance as Saugerties Town Supervisor. Kelly has been in office one year and her record includes the following:

Trying to give herself a 43 percent increase in pay before she was even sworn into office. .

Trying to dock an employee’s pay when they were out for heart surgery.

Refusing to sign a motion passed by a majority of Town Board members, thereby not performing her duties as supervisor.

Being “too busy” to pay bills on time, incurring hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in late fees and putting the town’s credit rating at risk.

Promising to have an “open government”, yet holding meetings without notifying the responsible Town Board members, much less the public.

Promising to end Dickinson’s Keep, whose status remains unknown. Yet, when she was a Village Board trustee, she approved a similar housing project.

Placing a personnel issue on the agenda for a general town board meeting when it should have been handled privately.

This is just the beginning of missteps taken in her first year. Future letters will cover the lack of job creation, the mishandling of the budget, mishandling of freedom of information requests and more.

Saugerties needs to look to the future. We need a town supervisor who has experience in budgets, personnel, and communicating with citizens. This is not Kelly Myers. Thank goodness her term is only 2 years. We would be very fortunate to have Greg Helsmoortel run again.

Beth Murphy