Letter: Finally, Heidcamp’s bullying nature exposed

mailFinally someone has spoken out about George Heidcamp’s bullying nature and exposed his sneaky tactics that have wrecked havoc on so many individuals in Saugerties that challenge him in any way. Years ago I got involved with concerned parents regarding school issues and have attended Board meetings regularly to witness first hand Mr. Heidcamp’s poor manners as our school board president. He yells at people who speak out against him, he belittles people with harsh words if he disagrees with them and he treats the people who speak up at meetings with little respect.

When the past administration left us with a $2.9 million dollar financial mistake and it was determined that we would cut several positions, I met with Mr. Heidcamp to express my concerns with making so many cuts, especially the ones where students would lose their teacher midyear. It was at this meeting he told me that he has ways to find out things about people and that he knew how much money I donated to political campaigns and how he used to be a detective. I didn’t realize why he said these things to me, but when I read Kelly Myers’s letter last week, I understood that he was trying to intimidate me. Then the more I got involved the more I saw of Mr. Heidcamp, like at the grocery store, where I had never seen him before, but there he was without anything in his cart in the middle of the grocery store striking up a conversation with me about the budget and other school issues. Then I put my name down to run for the board of education and the rumor mill began about how I was a rich woman who didn’t care about increasing our taxes. He even videotaped me putting signs up for someone other than himself for the Board of Education and asked people if they could tell them who it was in the picture.

Mr. Heidcamp is a troublesome man who should never have been able to stay on the Board of Education as long as he has and he surely should never have been nominated president. I think the time has come to set term limits for people on the board and to ask Mr. Heidcamp to step down as a member of our Board of Education. Last, but not least, I want you all to think real hard about the type of person you want on the Board of Education and think, at a time when bullying is prevalent in our own schools, do we really stand a chance to fix that with someone like George Heidcamp as a trustee on our board?


Jennifer Mangione