Heidcamp: Saugerties supervisor living in a ‘fantasy world’

myers heidcampI’ll begin by restating my opinion, as issued in prior commentary, that Kelly Myers is either ignorant or incompetent. Now, after reading her long-winded Jan. 3 Letter to the Editor, it now seems appropriate to add “paranoid,” “suffers from delusions of grandeur,” “confused,” “living in a fantasy world” and “liar” — unfortunately not one positive among them, and she is our supervisor. I’ll briefly address each of her allegations.

Read Kelly Myers’s letter “School Board prez is a bully and must be confronted”

I was not, I repeat, not, the one to nominate her at the Conservative caucus (in fact I was reluctant to support her at all) so, of course, it stands to reason that she was never reminded that she owes me anything.


I never attempted to influence Myers to take my side in a neighbor dispute, as she claims. She should automatically be on the side of truth. Actually, the matter was already in the courts (for both town and zoning laws) and, in fact, two are still pending (one of which is in Supreme Court) and there is still an open court order. She is neither judge nor jury in this case, so whose side she takes is irrelevant. As a side note to this, Myers is mixing more than one issue here and is obviously confused about what’s going on in the courts with respect to town matters.

Myers’s complaint that I stop at her office without appointments is asinine (especially when she also complains that I didn’t come in with a FOIL request), and her contention that I barge in or became belligerent is an outright lie. I guess this means that the “open-door” policy of supervisors before her has been discontinued.

The most comical but saddest part of the Myers’s fairy tale relates to her claims that I circle the parking lot looking for her, show up in her neighborhood and threaten to “open up an investigation” on her. Contrary to her statement, I never was a detective and have never claimed to be, and for the record, I have no idea where she lives, nor do I care.

Myers claims that she contacted the police regarding my sending e-mails and that I was directed to cease or face charges of aggravated harassment. This is absolutely untrue — while one town attorney mentioned that Kelly Myers was moaning and crying about my e-mails, I have never been contacted by the police and I have never been threatened. Furthermore, an official search of police records for Myers’s entire tenure revealed that there has been no such complaint. Another fictitious statement. Expecting the supervisor to do her job is not harassment. There was no harassment and had there been, I certainly would have been contacted. Kelly Myers is an elected official and I am a private citizen — as such she works for me. I have all the right in the world to email her.

If she doesn’t want to receive my emails, she has the option of clicking the delete button!

As far as the recent FOIL request where she contends that I asked for confidential public assistance records is concerned, I submitted a second request (in addition to a follow-up phone call to the clerk) indicating that I am NOT interested in those types of documents. What I want is documents relating to the cost of Safety Net. This is Myers’s attempt to throw up a smokescreen in order to avoid surrendering documents that will incriminate her and reveal her gross incompetence. She’s obviously afraid that I will prove that she failed to put the $300,000 in the budget to cover the cost of Safety Net, which will cost the taxpayers dearly.

Myers made a number of comments about the school board. While they are too numerous to cover here and will be addressed next week, I will say this: What you don’t know about the parent informational meeting is that I spent the entire day before with police department personnel (morning meetings) and the superintendent and administrative staff (afternoon meetings) going over this matter, and that the informational meeting was attended by the vice president of the board. Unlike Myers, I serve on the School Board without compensation — in fact, I have never even asked for one cent of reimbursement for travel or any other expenses, let alone a $15,000 raise. Unlike Myers, I welcome interaction with taxpayers and never complain when they call or email me. Also, unlike Myers, I have been re-elected….will she be?

And now I know why the Village Board “danced with glee” when she left. Kelly Myers’s chronic lying causes me to wonder whether she is even fit to hold office.

George D. Heidcamp Sr.

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  1. Bart Friedman

    I’ve read the back and forth between the Supervisor and Mr. Heidcamp. It’s obvious that the Supervisor has her hands full. It’s no fun being bullied and this bully has insulted and disrespected people in your pages for many years. What’s to be done?

  2. Amy S.

    I’ll tell you what is to be done: vote him out in May! He’s up for re-election. Those who care about the school district owe it to the community to be engaged and support good candidates, even run themselves. Write letters to the editor explaining why Heidecamp should not be reelected. If everyone in town who believes this bully should be stopped wrote letters come Board of Education election time and voted, he’d be repudiated. (Needless to say the Conservative Party should not let him control it and he certainly should not be town supervisor)

  3. Mark

    Is it possible for the Saugerties Times do a little investigative journalism on this topic and tell us the real truth about these people? Frankly, everyone’s opinion does not help.

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