Town fees to increase

Town Hall (photo by Dion Ogust)

Town Hall (photo by Dion Ogust)

With the difficulty of meeting the state’s tax cap and the increasing cost of nearly everything the town uses, the town will be increasing the cost of many of its services in 2013.

The cost of an annual landfill permit is increasing from $15 to $25, and many other fees at the landfill will also increase. The fees for most recreational programs will increase, especially for people who are not residents of Saugerties. The summer day camp program fees will increase, but users will be offered a multiple payment plan to ease the difficulty of meeting the cost.

Councilman Fred Costello said the town takes pride in the quality of its facilities and programs, but “we need to have revenues to offset the cost of operating facilities. We have always kept our fees at a level where we are not only competitive, but offering good value, but some of the costs can no longer be absorbed by the taxpayers and we have to raise our fees.”


Saugerties facilities are increasingly attractive for non-residents. Groups from outside Saugerties use them for tournaments and special events, Costello said. “It is important that the people who use the facility help support the maintenance and improvements,” he said.

Recreation supervisor Greg Chorvas said the Kiwanis Ice Arena has a split-fee structure, with higher rates for people from outside the town. “Residents do pay taxes, so the residents’ fee should be lower than non-residents, who do not pay taxes,” he said.

The town will also begin charging parking fees for town events. The fee has not been set, but it should run about $10 for an event. The town will continue to offer free parking; the fee areas will represent only part of the total parking. Fees would be paid in advance, and would be keyed to the specific events.