Year in Review: New Saugerties Businesses

Light House (photo by Dion Ogust)

Light House (photo by Dion Ogust)

It was the year of women in business in Saugerties this year, as all but a few of the more than 20 new businesses that opened in the village and town were done so by women.

Women opened clothing stores, a deli, a healthy eating organic shop and an art gallery, while families and friends opened a number of other stores, and a large company moved its headquarters into town.

But all was not sunshine and warm breezes for new businesses as several of them barely stuck around for a cup of coffee, closing less than a year after opening.


In no particular order, these are the owners and their businesses:

Beer World A new beer store as well as laundromat and recycling center on Ulster Avenue, and there is talk that a Papa John’s pizza restaurant might soon be a neighbor.

New Beginnings A new-age metaphysical shop for those looking to reinvent themselves, operated by Darlene Carey-Wasser at 249 Partition St.

Big Wheel Skateboard shop Opened two months ago at 12 Market St.; operated by Kathy and Keith Hughes. The Glasco residents said they wanted to open a shop where kids could buy reasonably priced skateboards, scooters and accessories, as well as hang out, stay out of trouble and just have fun.

Sue’s Restaurant While Sue’s has been a fixture on 9W since 1985, the popular Italian eatery was shuttered and underwent a total renovation before reopening earlier this year, and that’s worth noting here.

Dry Goods Karyn Pavich, who owns the Dutch Alehouse and Brewery on Main St. with her husband Johnny, decided to pursue her interest in design with a new stationery store at 139 Partition St; word quickly spread among the aesthetes of Saugerties and surrounding towns.

Marleau Gallery It had been more than four years since the last art gallery closed in a village that at one point had more than a dozen. In 2012, not one, but two new galleries have opened. Marleau is the middle name of local artist Richard Gamache, who opened the shop with Kevin Hinchey, cousin of U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey. It’s located on Partition St.

Imogen Holloway Gallery is the second art gallery that opened this year. It’s named for owner Diane Dwyer’s mother. Dwyer, an artist and teacher, features works by local and non-local artists.

Sun Porch Baked Goods It’s a bit difficult to find this tasty shop, which sits behind Lucky Chocolates off the entrance to the municipal parking lot on Partition St. It was opened earlier this year by Rae Stang, owner of Lucky Chocolates, and gluten-free baker Bruce Coyle.

Odds & Ends A shop full of odds and ends including Beanie Babies, toy trains, baseball cards, models, a smattering of antiques and a whole bunch of collectibles. 228B Main St.

Ruyi Located at the bottom of West Bridge St., this emerging Chinese restaurant boasts of the best views of any business in the village or the town, sitting on the banks of the Esopus Creek. While the location has been a Chinese restaurant for as long as anyone can remember, the new owners have added a twist; they also offer Japanese food and sushi as well as Thai dishes. They call it Asian Fusion.

Light House At 86 Partition St., offering home and entertaining essentials. The proprietors are Kathleen Smith Honzik and Shari Weingarten, childhood friends who reunited for the business, truly a labor of love.

Brine Barrel Pickle Company Not only does Matt “The Pickle Guy” Gleason make a mean pickle, he also makes a tasty sandwich. He’s also a pioneer of sorts: after he opened up shop at the bottom of Partition St., near the new hotel, three other businesses followed suit.

Wolf Moon Pet Barkery Boutique and Gallery At 235 Partition St.; offers baked items for pets. “Pets have always been my passion,” said owner Brendon Wolf. In addition to pet food, the shop offers knitted dog sweaters, pet paintings and pet toys, all made by local residents.

The Crimson Gypsy and BDY Wear The unique shop at 239 Partition Street owned by dressmaker, Renaissance Faire clothing maker, bodice and corset maker Christine Dempsey. She also teaches belly dancing.

Cherry Blossoms Features upscale clothing, operated by Gyongyi Henson, wife of John Henson, who is the son of the late Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets. 114 Partition St.

W Couture Proprietress Wendy Coffey said she came up with the name because she wanted one that sounded French. The boutique offers fashionable clothing and accessories at affordable prices. 250 Main St.


Brianna’s Full Belly Deli Just what it sounds like; an unpretentious place to get a good sandwich. Brianna Surkis always wanted to run a deli. She used to work in an office across the street. “When I saw the ‘For Rent’ sign go up at 78 Partition St. I was there,” she said.

Healthy Gourmet To-Go Located at 12 Market St., this is a shop that serves only healthy meals, mostly by delivery but also takeout. Good for vegans.

Steamship Alice Boutique Steamship Alice is the alter ego of Alicia Stang, another one of Saugerties’ young business owners. The shop includes items created by Stang, who was influenced by the Steampunk aesthetic (lots of exposed gears and pressure gauges). 105 Partition St.

Paraco Propane This regional company recently moved its company regional headquarters to its new building on Ulster Avenue, hard by the CSX freight lines.

Treasure Traders “The building just spoke to us.” That’s how Saugerties’ newest business owners Juanita and Ron Hotchkiss describe their decision to set up their online sell-for-you store at 138 Partition Street. for you’ store,” Juanita explained. Whether it’s eBay, Craig’s List, Amazon, or a host of other online selling sites, the Hotchkisses have been selling stuff online and making a living doing it for a number of years.

“People bring in their stuff,” Juanita explained, “and we sell it for them for a commission.”

Hudson Valley Pawnbrokers Located in the From Europe to You antique shop at 2910 9W, which is the cool looking store that has all the giant statues standing outside.

“People are starting to find us,” said Chris Forcelli, manager. The store sells jewelry, musical instruments and antiques, and has a thriving online business.

While most of the new businesses that opened this year have been successful, there are two that opened and closed almost as quickly this year.

Whispered Dreams A magic and astrology shop that was located at 12 Market St., now home to Big Wheel Skateboards.

Yalexa Grocery This small grocery store catered to the local Hispanic community. Now 282B Main St. sits vacant, awaiting the next entrepreneur looking to make a go of it in Saugerties.