Lloyd voters approve longer term for town clerk, but not town supervisor or highway superintendent

The final numbers in the Town of Lloyd’s referendum to extend the terms of office for town supervisor, highway superintendent and town clerk from two years to four went in favor of Town Clerk Rosalie Peplow late Tuesday night. According to unofficial results from the Ulster County Board of Elections, the term of Peplow has been extended to four years, but residents voted down the proposal for the town supervisor and highway superintendent.

The clerk proposition passed with 1,617 yes votes to 1,488 against. The supervisor received 1,724 no votes and 1,383 yes votes and the highway superintendent had 1,477 supporters but 1,628 rejected the extension.

“The voters spoke and that’s what we wanted and I’m fine with it,” said supervisor Paul Hansut. The only issue he raised to the Ulster County Board of Elections was that “the proposals were on the backside of the ballot so we received a lot of phone calls from people who couldn’t find it. That’s unfortunate, but it is what it is and I was just so happy to see so many residents out voting.”