Local push for affordable housing & conservation evidence of U.N. agenda, says group

Sacred (Saugerties Assertive Citizens for Responsible Economic Development), formed in September 2011 to “expose the threat to home owners of the Affordable Housing project known as Dickinson Keep,” has become known in the last year as one of the busiest Tea Party-affiliated activist groups in the Hudson Valley. It has issued e-mail blasts about a flurry of actions designed to focus on “issues and policies which threaten private property rights.” Earlier this month, Lynn Teger of New City in Rockland County gave a talk entitled “What is Agenda 21? Is smart growth really smart (or should we be suspicious?)”

“Do you own a home or a business? This will affect you!,” read the e-blasts. “The beginning stages of a new ‘sustainable’ re-development plan known as U.N. agenda 21 is being implemented in your town right under your nose and against the will of the people, and we need to stop it from becoming law. If we do not come together as a community, our rights to private property will soon end.”

The Saugerties right hasn’t had so much fun since the black helicopters the UN allegedly dispatched to suppress dissent in the region. Over 75 came out to attend the event at the Saugerties Senior Center on Market Street, including a representative for congressman Chris Gibson. Most of the fervid crowd stayed for the entire two-hour presentation, asking questions about how they could stop planning, smart growth, sustainable, and communitarian efforts in their local communities, and stating their opinions about the plans for global rule of everyone from Ben Bernanke and George H.W. Bush to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.


“This feels like such a battle,” said Saugerties event moderator Gaetana Ciarlante at the event’s start, announcing an upcoming village meeting on affordable housing in the town.

Teger, whose background is as a commercial real estate broker, talked about how economic decisions of the past eleven years haven’t made sense to her when seen through the prism of her professional background. She raised eyebrows about the 9/11 tragedy, noting the convenient ways in which it pushed more money into real-estate markets that were already shaky. She noted how she ran for office, lost, and then realized what she really wanted to speak about was the way that Agenda 21, the 1992 international treaty to address growing environmental problems from a global basis, was working to not only undermine our nation’s sovereignty but also implement a complete change of the way we’ve grown used to living.

“This is not a right/left, liberal/conservative, Democrat/Republican issue, it’s an American issue,” the registered Republican noted. “I got tired of being treated like I was crazy for bringing this stuff up …. I have enough information to keep us here a week if you wanted.”

Working through a Power Point presentation, Teger played a recording of her local town supervisor making fun of her on a local radio call-in show, and then started presenting a flurry of materials on the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, which has since added to its name “Local Governments for Sustainability.” She showed maps that seemed to indicate to her a wish to depopulate the U.S. Her screen images settled on lists of what this global planning effort promotes, from land trusts, comprehensive plans, greenways and bike/walking paths to mixed-income housing and the promotion of hamlet cluster housing, as she gradually built a case against all such endeavors.

“Now I’ll start connecting the dots here in Saugerties,” she added, showing portions of the town’s comp plan, bringing up the costs of affordable housing (on a state and federal level) with the question, “Aren’t we broke?”, and wondering why anyone would take a governmental grant these days given the background agreements taking such money would involve.

“I’m not here to convince you of anything,” Teger said. “I’m just sharing my research.”

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  1. Scott

    Lynn, you are doing an outstanding job and performing an invaluable service to property owners and Americans.Keep up the work and feel free to contact me if I can be of any help.

  2. elizabeth

    It was refreshing to see Lynn Teger come to Saugerties to give us a highly informed presentation on what to expect from UN agenda 21, ICLEI. It has opened up the eyes of many residents to its evil tentacles that comes under a guise of “its good for you”, “how wonderful” and it will “benefit the community”, its for “your protection”, “security”. Many showed up for this presentation to receive answers on why they are being taxed out, programed out of their homes. It is economic and environmental warfare. We must hold those that sit on committees and that have signed the ICLEI document accountable. Thank you Lynn Teger for your professional and patriotic concerns. The article is misleading because this presentation was not affiliated with any party, tea, democratic or republican. It was a professional and citizen stepping up where others would just turn a blind eye too. REALITY!

  3. Mary Baker

    The title of this article should have been, Drinking the Realitea. I live in California and everything Lynn Teger spoke about as reported in this article is accurate. To learn about what is going on in California read through my blog exurbia chronicles via these two articles
    The American Smart Dream part 1, http://www.exurbiachronicles.com/?page_id=640
    The American Smart Dream part 2, http://www.exurbiachronicles.com/?page_id=642
    Also download Dimensions of Sustainability PDF Report to learn about how to to present the facts about sustainable development to your elected officials.

  4. Lynn Teger

    The fact that Mr. Smart reported on this issue, is a step in the right direction, even though the article tries to minimize and distort many things I stated at the presentation. When you don’t like the message, kill the messenger. Fact: Sustainable development and United Nations Agenda 21 exists and is a threat to the sovereignty of our nation, our freedoms and our property rights. It is a violation of both the 10th and 5th amendment the United States Constitution.

    The history behind UN Agenda 21 and sustainable development is undeniable and is affecting every American citizen, whether they are aware of it or not.

    Mr. Smart refuses to acknowledge the history, the facts and the truth and has injected his own personal views into the article without doing the research I suggested everyone do when I gave the presentation. Had Mr. Smart done the research, he would have clearly been able to see how UN Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development is affecting American citizens in every city and State across the country.

    Thank you to all those who attended the presentation. I hope it provided you with the tools you will need going forward.

  5. Abby Kinsky

    Local government urging people to think about more than just themselves and their own property and increasing their own income and equity is not evidence of a massive conspiracy. But in a time in which the American acceptance of the reality of the overwhelming scientific conclusion of man-made climate change is actually decreasing (even as we are to get walloped by an unprecedented bizarre weather event), I am not surprised at the Agenda 21 crowd. They shouldn’t be laughed at though, but they should be rebutted on a point-by-point basis.

    Or not. These are all the same people that oppose tax breaks for developments and vote down school budgets. They’re just sick of property taxes. Shift a greater share public funding of education to the state and raise consumption taxes – anything but asking people to fork over several thousands of dollars every September – and all this would go away.

  6. Gary L Perry

    UN Agenda 21 is very real and is an effort to slowly eliminate our property rights.

    The sad thing is that our taxes fund all of this “government growth”.

    Thank you Lynn Teger for taking the time to share this information.

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