Drive-in movies

The best spots at the Hyde Park Drive-in can be nabbed while it’s still light out.

Usually, when somebody brings up the topic of drive-in movies, the response is, “Are any of those still around?”

Well, yes, actually. The Hudson Valley is a minor hotbed of drive-ins, welcoming minivans full of friends and families for evenings full of cinematic splendor while staying rooted to their comfy — and private — personal vehicle spaces.


Dutchess has two drive-ins, in relatively close proximity to each other. The Hyde Park Drive-In, on Route 9 right across from the Franklin Roosevelt estate, dodged a developer wanting to put in a Wal-Mart there and is now owned by Scenic Hudson. Call 229-4738 or check out

In the Town of Poughkeepsie is the Overlook Drive-In, notable for its massive multi-story screen offering the most immersive experience in the local auto-cinematic scene. It’s at 126 De Garmo Road, via Route 55 on the far side of Poughkeepsie; call 452-3445 or look up

Up in Greene County, Coxsackie to be precise, lies the Hi-Way Drive-In, still sporting a classic neon marquis like they had in the old days. It may be found at 10699 Route 9W ‘twixt Coxsackie and Catskill; call 518-731-8672 or look up for more information.

Orange County has a couple of drive-ins as well. There’s the Warwick Drive-In on Warwick Turnpike in (you guessed it) Warwick; call 986-4440 or look up And there’s the Fair Oaks Drive-In at 365 Bloomingburg Road in Middletown; call 361-5774 or look up for information.

Generally speaking, the drive-ins all do double features, are open seven days a week, and boast snack bars, in case you don’t want to bring your own chow. Be sure to check out the specific theaters for what’s playing and showtimes.