Letter to the editor: A question

A question

Q: What’s the difference between The Taliban Headquarters and Rifton?

A: One’s a home to a fanatical bearded cleric with his own remote hilltop compound. The women members of his sect are required to wear simple long, plain, dresses and head coverings to protect their modesty. They are absolutists who adhere to rigid, often hateful, Bronze Age customs, ethics and morals, and insist that civil and religious law ought to be one and the same. The other one is in Afghanistan.

Gary Vaggio, West Hurley

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  1. gerald berke

    This is stupid. But it is nice to have his name. Much better than having this hateful and ignorant writing tossed out anonymously. Gary Vaggio. And you can note mine, too as firmly opposed.

    1. Philip Gurrieri

      Mr. Berke; Sir, stupidity is reserved for only those amongst the educated. With that said, you lambast the writer without clarifying the lifestyle of these ‘strange’ selfless people in the void of mechanical deeds that are Pre_Warrior” Taliban in nature by their ‘penance’ punishments for daring to question by deeds and the glory of the Prince Of Peace in all of his gory sufferings are detailed in 14-STATION of “Christian Love” for those NOT OBEDIENT to “their” anointed higher Authority as the pre-invasion Taliban were….

      Remember sir, every Nazi was a “Christian of the Lord” and by one vote “German” is not our ‘official’ language here in this Divide Union still in pursuit of being an inclusive organic Nation….

  2. Pete Mack

    This is harsh and untrue. Our friends and neighbors in Rifton are pillars of the community. They are welcoming, friendly, hardworking, honest, and respectful. They exhibit values, morals, and ethics seldom seen in today’s world. They give freely of their time and efforts in service to the community and ask for nothing in return.

    I saw a young lady of this group with her child last Sunday enjoying an ice cream at Mickey’s Igloo. They seemed happy and content enjoying a quiet moment together. I also see groups of them taking long walks and enjoying the fresh air and meeting people along the way. Hardly, the oppressive regime you use as a comparison.

    Instead of spreading hatred and contempt, why not get to know them? They open their community to all and host dinners throughout the year.

    Like any culture, I think many of us could learn from them and their values and ethics. Diversity and being open to new ideas and viewpoints only serve to enrich, enlighten and bring us together.

  3. nopolitics

    Now if you apply much of your vitriole to local elected officials and their doings(Bronze Age, Rigid), I can see your point;but your vitriole has absolutely no application to the Hutterite people.

  4. Oskar de Balbastre

    The work the Bruderhof does in the community is commendable and real asset – you see them everywhere, pitching in to help. But when their leader takes it upon himself to not only say gay marriage is wrong for his followers but for everyone, that crosses a line and that’s what I think provoked Mr. Vaggio’s letter.

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