Saugerties school budget passes

(Image courtesy League of Women Voters of California)

The Saugerties Central School District $54.67 million budget passed on Tuesday, May 15 by a vote of 1,439 yes to 1,351 no.

Results are unofficial. There are still 93 affidavit ballots to count, and if 89 or more say ‘no’ that would reverse what looks like a surefire approval.

School superintendent Seth Turner, while acknowledging that the budget is almost sure to pass, said he will withhold comment until the affidavit ballots have been counted, probably later this week. “I’m pensive at this point.”


School Board President George Heidcamp was more more forthcoming. “With only three ‘yes’ absentee votes needed, I’m optimistic it will pass,” he said.

The two incumbent school board members, Teresa Bach Tucker and Richard Petramale were voted in for new terms. Donald Tucker, who had previously served on the board, won the third open seat. Newcomer Lawrence Quick placed fourth.

“Anyone who makes the effort and really tries is a winner,” said Quick, who said he may try again in the next election.

“The people spoke, and they put the incumbents back, along with a former board member. Now it’s time to move on and give the kids a good education. The only thing I’m disappointed about is that more people didn’t vote,” Heidcamp said.

The budget raises taxes by 1.87 percent, well within the state-mandated 2 percent. Total spending is up by 2.3 percent, or $1.34 million over this year’s $53.33 million.

The proposed budget would result in a tax levy of $35.19 million, up $645,094 from this year’s $34.55 million.