Case dismissed against Occupy New Paltz members; decision will be appealed

Last Wednesday, New Paltz Judge Jonathan Katz dismissed the charges of trespass against four Occupy New Paltz members — Margaret Human, Michele Riddell, Amanda Sisenstein and Brent Stewart. The Occupy New Paltz members were arrested in February because they had not filled out a park permit, as requested by the New Paltz Village Board. Before last Wednesday’s court date, the occupiers and their supporters gathered outside the New Paltz courthouse to urge Judge Katz to dismiss the court case. Those at the rally held signs which stated that an occupation is a first-amendment right to peaceably assemble and redress grievances to the government.

“I am asserting my first-amendment rights to help protect them for everybody,” said Human. “Use ’em or lose ’em!”

According to New Paltz mayor Jason West, “The village attorney is appealing the dismissal of the case, so it is still before the courts. The dismissal was not granted based on the merits of their arguments, but on procedural grounds because their attorney never properly served the village,” said West.


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