Woodstock Times celebrates 40th birthday this Saturday

There are community newspapers that have struggled to last a decade, and others that have lasted much longer, only to get swallowed eventually by larger publications. Then there’s the Woodstock Times, mothership for Alm@nac and all its carrying papers throughout Ulster County. The paper’s reaching 40 this year, and celebrating the fact by…well, doing what it always does: covering its community as comprehensively as possible; welcoming a healthy mix of local commentary into its pages via one of the liveliest Letters sections that anyone has seen, ever; and mixing in goodly dollops of humor and experienced commentary into all aspects of what it does, the better to reflect both the community it is covering and the years that it has been doing what it does.

To help spark some outside celebration of this miracle of longevity (which results in you reading us here, when you stop to think about it), the Woodstock Library’s regular Library Forum series of readings, concerts and events will dedicate itself to a “Happy Birthday Woodstock Times” session this coming Saturday, February 25, starting at 5 p.m. Publisher Geddy Sveikauskas and editor Brian Hollander will be on hand.

“At the Library Forum next Saturday afternoon, I will talk – if people want me to – about how it all started,” Sveikauskas noted, in his inimitably to-the-point way. “I always thought Woodstock Times would last forever. Over 40 years, it’s safe to say that hundreds of people have been on Ulster Publishing staff and stringers. What I’m most proud of, however, is that thousands of people have written us letters to the editor – and continue to do so.”


It all takes place at 5 Library Lane, just off Tinker Street. Call (845) 679-2213 or visit ulsterpub.staging.wpengine.org for further information.


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