Save a sewer plant: don’t dump rags

Careless dumping of materials into kitchen sinks can be costly for the town of Saugerties, supervisor Kelly Myers said at a Town Board meeting Wednesday, Feb. 1, following a report on the repeated burning-out of grinder pumps at the Canterbury plant in Bishop’s Gate. The pumps cost $4,500 each, or $2,880 if they can be rebuilt, Bruno said. However, a different type of pump that can do the job is available for $1,250, “and it supposedly grinds up better, and we are going to look into replacing the pumps with the newer style,” he said.

“I asked why the grinders keep wearing out, and they gave us a suggestion that the public can actually help with,” Myers said. “People put things into their septic system that really don’t belong there, like rags, socks, handy wipes, disposable diapers – anything chunky doesn’t belong in your sewer. Don’t put it in there because it wears out the equipment and it is expensive for everyone in the community to have to replace it.”


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