Letters to the Editor (Feb. 9-16)

Kelly Myers delivers

Kudos to Saugerties supervisor Kelly Myers and deputy supervisor James Bruno for voting to immediately rescind the terrible tax agreement negotiated with the developer of the proposed Dickerson’s Keep housing project. Unfortunately, they were overruled by the other Town Board members who decided to give the developer another 45 days to bind the town to the agreement.

I also congratulate Supervisor Myers on a successful first month in office despite not having the benefit of an orderly transition from her predecessor and facing constant hostility from her opponents. In her first month, Supervisor Myers worked with new highway superintendent Doug Myer to create a plan to repair town infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Irene, upgraded the town’s computer server and implemented several new policies that will save significant tax dollars. She has also taken a strong leadership role in holding the NYC DEP accountable for muddy discharges into the Esopus Creek.

During her election campaign, Supervisor Myers promised change and she has delivered. Saugerties residents can rest assured that the best is yet to come.


Joe Roberti, Jr.

Chairman, Saugerties GOP


Lifespring exceeds expectations

Recently I taught a course as a volunteer in Lifespring: Saugerties Adult Learning Community for the first time, and discovered the treasure that this program is, sitting in plain sight in our community. I was given much more than I gave as a volunteer! Here was a gathering of elders in the true sense of the word, a community of people with strong life experience to offer one another, and the desire to continue to learn and grow. Truly “good company.”

My course in dream work focused on new methods of developing personal awareness, and discovering “out-of-the-box” perspectives on one’s life challenges. My class far outdistanced any expectations I might have had for them, and in fact surpassed any new class I had had in years. Without exception, each person delved in, experimented, supported one another, and brought a great sense of spirit and play to the six week course. One class member even brought a dream in from her neighbor, and the whole class jumped in to wlork on it!

I attribute this delightful learning/teaching experience to the very special atmosphere created by the Lifespring program staff, the good hearts and expertise offered by the teaching volunteers, and, a mission statement supporting participants to grow into the honorable state of elderhood.

Please do check out www.lifesringsaugerties.com or call 845-246-2860x 452

Dr. Judith Schafman



The secret’s out

It’s no longer a secret but a treasure right here in Saugerties. Have you heard about LIFESPRING, Saugerties’ own Lifetime Learning Institute? Begun in2009 by a band of dedicated citizens and sponsored by the Town Board of Saugerties, the program is completing its third season this year with courses ranging from yoga, memoir writing, American songbook, genealogy, geology, economics, photography, gardening and religion (Buddhist-Christian dialogue). Plus there are more that I haven’t mentioned as well as bonus courses: Exploring Kingston. Check the catalog.

Folks, it’s a modest fee for the entire year which runs from Aug. 1 thru July 31 of the following year: $60. That amount entitles participants to take three courses in the fall (six weeks in length) and three additional courses in the spring. Classes are held at the Woodstock Jewish Congregation (which is the town of Saugerties). Additionally, all who pay the fee can attend the special events which are held on a monthly basis usually at The Inquiring Mind Bookstore or at the Saugerties Public Library.

For a copy of the calendar of courses either check on the website www.lifespringsaugerties.com or pick up a copy at Inquiring Mind of at the Public Library.

As we all age gracefully we need to keep out mind and our body in active. To that end we think our variety of classes (including Tai Chi and walking) as well as the other array of courses help to meet that goal.

Matt Ostoyich

Lifespring Board Member

Curriculum Committee