In this week’s print edition

Here’s what’s in the print edition of this week’s Kingston Times, available now on newsstands:

Away with Rea: Mayor Gallo suspends new fire chief Chris Rea, citing (just like in the Rick Salzmann affair) “time and attendance” issues. Gallo then rips into his predecessor for lack of “accountability and transparency.”

Red goats redux: As Uptown looks for a marketing angle and something to put on the vast whiteness of the new Pike Plan planters, will the rebel ruminants be brought in from the cold and granted official status?


Aaron under the gun: Ulster County Industrial Development Agency gives developer Steve Aaron some tight deadlines to pay the $437,000 in back city, county and school taxes the IDA says he owes.

Warm nights, cool flicks: An effort launches to raise money so movies can be shown in all eight Kingston parks this summer.

Plan in search of a planner: The field narrows for what firm will be hired as consultant for the rewrite of the city’s way-out-of-date comprehensive plan.

Plus: Geddy Sveikauskas muses on Albany hospitals’ attempt to become bigger health-care players; an op-ed on the Komen scandal and a look around the county at how school boards are thinking about closing elementary schools to take pressure off their budgets.

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