Letters to the Editor – 12/8 to 12/14

Handicapping The Republican Field

Jon Huntsman — Believes in evolutions, global warming and science; intelligent, thoughtful, articulate. Not a chance for this guy.

Rick Santorum — No chin. I could see him as a member of the British Royal Family but not as president.

Ron Paul — Image problems as well. Doesn’t look like a president. Can you really see this guy’s face on money?


Michele Bachmann — Not enough candlepower under her hat. After Little Bush, the American people raised the bar for that part of the competition. Michele has been doing much better by keeping quiet but still a prohibited long shot. My biggest regret of this campaign is that we won’t get to see Michele debate Sara Palin…in Jell-O.

Rick Perry — Snuck into the circus under the tent flaps but got found out in a hurry. May even be too dumb to be governor of Texas, if you can believe that such a thing is possible. At one time Rick suggested that Texas should leave the union. Best idea he’s had.

Herman Cain — Sorry to see this guy go but I believe it’s for the best. Bill Clinton could focus on affairs of state while an angry woman was trying to hit him up-side his head with a skillet but Herman Cain is no Bill Clinton.

Mitt Romney — Sure looks like the president of something but just can’t gain any traction with the Tea Party or Christian Right. Might be because he isn’t a for-real Christian. Mormons believe in a whole-nother Jesus. Not the same guy at all.

Newt Gingrich — Married three times; cheated on his wives; as speaker of the house he tried to put Bert and Ernie in an orphanage; left congress under a cloud; took a million and a half from Freddie Mac but claims he wasn’t a lobbyist because he never really did any work for the money. OK, let’s say we can get by all that, there is still a big problem with this guy. He has a certain meanness about him more suited to a war criminal from the genocide in Kosovo then to a president of the United States. Put him in a cheap, made-in-Bulgaria suit and he could pass for Slobodan Milosevic’s brother.

David Rose

Hot Springs, Arkansas


Vote For Mike

I write this letter of support for my friend, and current Fire Commissioner Mike Lourenso. Many Woodstockers are unaware that all registered voters are able to vote. The times are 5 p.m.-10 p.m. on Tuesday December 13, at the Company One firehouse on 212 in the Bearsville flats section of town. It is an important election since the fire district is responsible for $1.2 million of our money. Mike has been dedicated to town service on the fire company, rescue squad, food pantry and Comeau trail committee for many years now. He is an instructor in CPR- AED, First Aid, and gives Defensive Driving courses for seniors. Moreover Mike is a very decent fair and dedicated man. He deserves our votes. Please come out for this very important election.

Lori Ryff



Lourenso Asks For Your Vote

As many of you know, I am currently serving as one of the five Woodstock Fire Commissioners, each of whom in turn, must stand for re-election every five years. This year it is my turn, and since I have a challenger, I am asking for your vote. It is important that you come out for Tuesday’s election because the fire budget amount and how it is spent is determined not the taxpayer, but by the fire commissioners.

The $1.2 million fire tax for 2012 represents a small 1.99% increase. For the future I am committed to keeping it at the lowest level possible, while assuring that the fire and rescue squads are well equipped and well trained. The single biggest saving in the fire budget is the dedication of the volunteers. Without them we would need to employ a full time professional service, and our fire tax burden would be astronomical. Throughout the state, recruitment and retention of volunteers is becoming a serious issue. I will continue to urge the commissioners to do even more to keep our skilled volunteers well motivated and committed to the welfare of the community.

As of 2012 we will have one full time paramedic, ten part time paramedics, two part time maintenance workers and two part time clerical staff. These account for about one quarter of the budget, which is money well spent because of the very necessary services they provide. But it also points to the crucial need to preserve our volunteer force to keep our costs at acceptable levels.

As a fire commissioner, I will continue to foster a balance between the interests of the fire and rescue squad with those of the taxpayers. I am proud to have represented them both equally during my current term. Your vote for me will help keep the fire and ambulance services the best investment you can make for your own safety and peace of mind.

This year’s commissioner election is being held at Woodstock Fire Company #1 firehouse on Tuesday, December 13 from 5 p.m.-9 p.m. There will be no waiting outside. You’ll be warm and comfortable inside. If you need a ride, call 679-3760.

Mike Lourenso, Candidate for Woodstock Fire Commissioner



Bring Your Dog To Our Spa…

O.k. so it’s not really a spa…but it’s real close. Soft music, therapeutic aromas, massage and, on December 10 from noon-1:30 p.m., at the Woodstock Community Center, the Dog Park is holding a Canine Massage and Reflexology Workshop. Thurman Greco, our outstanding mother to three great chihuahuas and well known massage, reflexology and reiki practicioner of canines and humans will be instructing us on the finer points of how to massage and apply reflexology to our dogs. Reflexology deals with the reflex points on the feet and head of the dog that are connected to every part of the body. One dog, one person…bring a mat for your dog to relax and zone out on.

Space is limited, so to be sure to secure a space by calling the Town Clerk at 679-2113 extension 4. The Dog Park Committee thanks Thurman for donating this session to the park. All proceeds will go to the park. There is a suggested donation of $15. The Dog Park relies on donations for the repair, restoration and maintenance of the park.

Come and develop a closer bond with your canine companion.

Fran Breitkopf



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