Politix Letters – 10/27 to 11/2

Darn Right I’m For Carnright!

I write to express my support for District Attorney Holley Carnright’s reelection. Holley is a man of his word; a no-nonsense, “gets it done” prosecutor with a human touch. His dogged prosecution of local gang members with charges of conspiracy, intimidating a witness and witness tampering, yielded not only victories, but the validation of some of the challenges we currently face here in Ulster County with gangs and drugs. His office also recently prosecuted and won a case of aggravated assault against a police officer. To quote Holley, “There is no greater threat to our system of justice than an assault against a police officer.”

Holley is also passionate about preventing and prosecuting “Domestic Violence”. Holley describes Domestic Violence as a “blight that threatens our way of life and our beliefs in the sanctity of home and family.”In addition, Holley has been praised for his efforts in prevention and prosecution of Domestic Violence by our local director of the Domestic Violence Shelter.

Holley understands what needs to be done to keep Ulster County safe and has proven during the past four years that he has what it takes to get that job done! Please join me in voting to reelect a great man as Ulster County’s District Attorney, Holley Carnright.


Robert J. Ryan Jr.



Sennett For DA

It really is so exciting that Jon Sennett is running for Ulster County District Attorney. I recently asked Jon what exactly it is that the DA does and he took the time to tell me all the details about how the DA is the county’s primary executive law enforcement officer.  I’ve known Jon since he was my son’s t-ball coach six years ago and this recent conversation was no exception — he has always impressed me as a thoughtful, intelligent, fair-minded person. Jon has so many of the qualities we need in a DA: experienced, focused, motivated, practical, tough, and vigilant about the pursuit of justice.

He truly will be the People’s DA.

Jon’s commitment to our county has already been demonstrated by his work and volunteerism. He has practiced law for nearly twenty years across a range of trial and appellate matters, including representation of The People of the State of New York, indigent criminal defendants and Family Court litigants, non-profits, and private individuals.  But Jon brings more to the table. While he and his wife raise two children, Jon has still found the time to participate in a long list of community endeavors: membership on the Ulster County Criminal Justice Council and the Town of New Paltz Environmental Conservation Commission, and on the boards of directors of The Queens Galley and the Save Them Now Program. Visit www.SennettforDA.com to get a look at this great candidate, and what he has in mind for the future of our county.

Matthew Flusser

New Paltz


Votes For Sennett Count

When world and national, and even state news headlines seem overwhelming, I’m reminded of how grateful I am to live here in our beautiful Ulster County. Here, at the local level, I feel like an individual can make a real difference in the community, whether it’s volunteer work for charity, or a vote. My voice counts.

It’s the same for our local officials. They can make or break our county’s reputation through their actions, or inaction, as the case may be. A question about the honorability of an elected official affects all of us. Which is why I am voting for Jon Sennett for Ulster County District Attorney.

Sennett will uphold personal integrity, and that reflects my own values. He’s not afraid to ask the tough questions about what’s been happening in our county over these last four years. He is ready for the job.

Please join me in voting for Jon Sennett for Ulster County DA in November.

Wendy Baur

New Paltz


For Lorin

Woodstockers have the chance to inaugurate a new era in local governance by electing Lorin Rose to the Supervisor position in November.

His long-time independence of parties and factions means he can approach municipal issues without bias or ties to special interests. His ability to pay thoughtful attention in learning the facts of a situation and his clarity in finding solutions are matched by his ability to be clear and articulate in presenting his views.

Woodstock will be well served by a person with Lorin’s solid experience in practical problem — solving and his deftness in dealing with each of his fellow citizens.

Sandra Gardner

Lake Hill


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