Letters to the Editor – 10/20 to 10/27

Sharing Is Its Own Reward 

It has been obvious that WDST no longer has any real interest in the community, which has given it a large portion of its bread and butter with the “Woodstock” name, since the bygone days of the late Jerry Gillman. Yet, I am appreciative of the very little that WDST did during Hurricane Irene. After all, it could have done absolutely nothing, which for all intents and purposes, it did do nothing. But what’s real problematic is that Gary Chetkof, the owner, feels the need to toot his own horn about it. It’s clear that Chetkof forgot one of the first lessons one learns in Kindergarten. That is, to share and the very act of sharing is, in and of itself, its own reward. But Chetkof chose this opportunity to stand on his soapbox and pat himself on the back while reminding the rest of us all that his only interest is in, as Alan Sussman succinctly put it, “the gold only.”

Robert “Robo” Fusco



Carnright’s The Ace

Let’s say you’re a major league manager and you’ve got an ace on your staff. Wins 95 percent of the his games. He’s proven he can compete and excel in the big leagues (Carnrìght). You’ve got a chance to trade him for a guy who, 12 years ago, threw a couple games in the minors, never appeared as a starter (Sennett). You going to make that trade? If so, maybe you should get a job with the Red Sox — I hear there’s an opening.

Michael S. Groppuso Sr.

Lake Katrine


Jeremy’s Savvy

Let’s restore Jeremy Wilber’s wit, charm, grace and incredible savvy about the job by giving him a solid mandate this November. We’ve had some outstanding Town Supervisors here in Woodstock, but none to match his experience and knowledge. A quick read through his interview in last week’s edition of this newspaper provides ample proof.


Bill Schechter

Lake Hill


Giving 110 Percent

Roseann Castaldo has been driving to Latham and back for the past several months. Her car knows how to get there all on its own by now. She’s been working diligently to keep our pantry stocked with fresh produce. In my book, she’s giving 110 percent.

Judy Fox has been working in the pantry for the past several years, doing whatever it takes to keep the doors open.  In my book, she’s giving 110 percent.

And so the story goes…on and on and on. They are an example for this letter only. In reality, every volunteer (and there are many) who works in the Good Neighbor Food Pantry is giving 110 percent. We get involved in the pantry (I believe) because we are attracted to the people caught up in the situation of not having enough food on the table and then we begin to give:  time, money, food, whatever.

And then, I believe, we begin to receive: spiritual gifts, insight into the economic situation, a new meaning to our lives. We also begin to become more aware of the struggles beyond our immediate lives. Everyone who comes to the pantry to shop or to volunteer in some way has a story.

Participating in the pantry also affects our beliefs. We become more tolerant of and less interested in the distinctions among religious believers. And, ultimately, we become more accepting of the different faces of suffering.

There are many opportunities for more people to give 110 percent.

Pantry activities needing help include a stocking drive. We’re in need of gently used or unused holiday stockings to be given out in December to the children coming to the pantry. Can you share a stocking or three? Can you collect a few stockings from friends and neighbors? Can you help fill them?

We’re also in need of stuffed animals. Stuffed animals are gender and age appropriate for everyone and instantly soothe pains that come into the pantry on the backs of some of our smallest shoppers.

If you’re free on Tuesday mornings at 10 a.m., volunteers are needed to help stock shelves in the pantry. This job should take about an hour. This is going to be an ongoing project beginning October 25.

For more information, please call 845-399-3967. Thanks. Peace and food for all.

Thurman Greco



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  1. Paul Henderson

    Cross Party Lines

    There are probably many who like me, have not switched party affiliation too often but this is the perfect time to do it. Peter Cross is the right person for the job as Councilman and it will be my first time gladly voting in the Republican party because in the end, it does not matter. What does is who does the job and Peter Cross is definitely the right person for it. He will bring many good and effective ideas to the Town Board when elected. He will bring reason and purpose to the direction of the town, with planning for the future through the development of a long overdue Comprehensive plan. With the nation and its towns in an economic lull, it is in many ways a good opportunity to approach this objective. With Peter’s diverse knowledge in surveying, deeds and land use law, he is more qualified than many. He has demonstrated thorough reason while volunteering service for at least four years on the Planning Board. He has also been working hard as the town’s Wetlands and Watercourse Inspector, all the while offering practical and useful ways to solve important local issues. In addition to all of this, he has also initiated the GIS ( Geographic Information Systems ) mapping program with the Town Board, interdepartmental workers and volunteers. Peter is local and high caliber. He will be great for Woodstock and its future planning. I urge everyone to get out the vote for Peter Cross and Cross party lines.

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