Carnegie, once library, is now lab for education

Kingston High School has expanded into the newly opened and pristinely restored walls of the Carnegie Library. The newly renovated sunny spaces of the 6,000-square-foot Greek revival library offers students something different: block-scheduled, interdisciplinary classes including art, community and individual projects more closely resembling college courses than high school classes. After school and on the weekends, Kingston’s dynamic Center for Creative Education will be hosting dance, music and art programming there as well.

High school Vice Principal Andy Sheber, who will be overseeing the program at the newly re-dubbed Carnegie Learning Center, explained the morning block of roughly 40 kids will experience a curriculum which includes global studies, English language arts, and foundation art combined for 2.5 credits. Three teachers work in the classroom at once; the group both works together and breaks up during the first part of the school day. The second half of the day is devoted to another interdisciplinary media communication arts block program combining journalism, broadcast journalism and media arts to earn students English and art credits, and has an enrollment of over 50 students.

Sierra Williams, 14, and Eliot Marzano, 15, work on a project at the new Carnegie Center. (Photo by Carrie Jones Ross)


Center for Creative Education Director Evry Mann said beginning in mid-October, CCE will offer a full range of performing arts and arts technology classes from 3-9 p.m. So far, those classes include: fashion design, acting, theater, visual arts, computer music composition, video production, ballet, hip hop and modern dance. “We are discussing ways to loop classes together and take dance to get physical education credits,” said Mann. “Advanced music theory and composition and video-editing; things they are not doing at the high school. Eventually it will be flushed out as a full complement of what’s already available.” There are costs associated with the programs which students will be responsible for; however scholarships are also available as CCE is adamant that every child should have opportunities.