One legislative district left up for grabs

Incumbent Republican Robert Aiello faces a possible primary against incumbent Walter Frey

The 23-district single-member reapportionment plan approved by the Ulster County Legislature and signed into law by county executive Mike Hein shows 13 districts with a clear but not in some cases necessarily decisive Democratic plurality, seven where the Republicans have a clear edge, and three virtually even.

Republicans did not nominate candidates in three heavily Democratic districts. Democrats failed to advance candidates in two dominant Republican districts. In District 9, where the GOP holds a slim 23-registered-voter majority, incumbent Republican Wayne Harris is unopposed.


Party convention nominations are unofficial. Candidates must circulate petitions among party enrollees to get on the ballot. By law, they are required to secure the valid signatures of five percent of party members who voted in the last gubernatorial election. Deadline for submitting petitions is July 16.

Legislators serve two-year terms. Rank-and-file members are paid $10,000, plus health care benefits if they so choose. The majority and minority members are paid $12,500. The legislature chairman, elected by a majority of legislators, is paid $19,500.

The following is a listing of candidates nominated at convention by major parties. Party registration figures are from the county board of elections.

District 1 — Town of Saugerties (northwestern): Republican John Valk, Democrat Mike Harkavy. Registration: Democrats 1718, Republicans 1478, and unaffiliated with any party 1784.

District 2 — Town and Village of Saugerties: Incumbent Republican Robert Aiello faces a possible primary against incumbent Walter Frey. Democrat Virginia Luppino. Democratic registration is 1507, Republican 1513, and non-affiliated by party 1734.

District 3 —Towns of Saugerties and Ulster: Incumbent Republican Dean Fabiano faces no Democratic candidate. Registration: 1069 Democrats, 1424 Republicans, and non-affiliated 1488.

District 4 — Town of Kingston, most of town of Ulster: Incumbent Republican James Maloney. Democrat Mark Trott. Registration is 1583 Democrats, 1841 Republicans, and non-affiliated in any party 2140.

District 5 — City of Kingston (Wards 1, 2 and 4): Republican Patricia Bruck, Democrat incumbent Peter Loughran. Registration: 1500 Democrats, 652 Republicans, and 1285 non-affiliated by party.

District 6 — City of Kingston (Wards 3, 5, and 9): Republicans, no candidate. Democrat incumbent David Donaldson. Incumbent Democrat Mike Madsen will primary. Registration: 1664 Democrats, 840 Republicans, and 1694 not affiliated.

District 7 — City of Kingston (Wards 6, 7 and 8): Republican Todd Langon, Democratic incumbent Jeanette Provenzano. Registration: 1649 Democrats, 752 Republicans and 1853 non-affiliated.

District 8 — Most of Esopus: Republican incumbent Carl Belfiglio versus Democrat Roscoe Pecora. Registration is 1424 Democrats, 1357 Republicans, and 1840 non-enrolled.

District 9 — Western Lloyd, northeast Plattekill: Republican, incumbent Wayne Harris, Democrats, no candidate. Registration is 1299 Democrats, 1322 Republicans, and 1321 not enrolled in any party.

District 10 — Eastern Lloyd, northern Marlborough: Republican incumbent Mary Beth Maio faces Democrat Gerard Lyons. Incumbent Republican Frank Felicello may primary.  Registered are 1327 Democrats, 1338 Republicans, and 1413 not enrolled.

District 11 — Southern Marlborough: Republican incumbent Richard Gerentine, Democrats, no candidate. Registration is 1216 Democrats, 1763 Republicans, and 1163 not enrolled in any party.

District 12 — Southern and Western Plattekill: Republican incumbent Kevin Roberts, Democrat Joseph Eriole. Registration: Democrats 1278, Republicans 1422, and not enrolled by party 1060.

District 13 — Southeastern Shawangunk: Republican incumbent Kenneth Ronk, Democrats, no candidate. Registration is 674 Democrats, 1253 Republicans and not enrolled in any party 758.

District 14 — Western Shawangunk, western Wawarsing: Republican Craig Lopez, Democrat Leonard Distell. Registration: 1218 Democrats, 1430 Republicans, 1111 not enrolled.

District 15 -Eastern Wawarsing, including village of Ellenville: Republican Greg Bar, Democrat incumbent T.J. Briggs. Registration: 1640 Democrats, 807 Republicans, and 986 not enrolled in a political party.

District 16 — Central Gardiner and eastern Shawangunk: Republican Jack Hayes, Democrat Tracey Bartels. Registration is 1731 Democrats, 1535 Republicans, and 1333 non-party-enrolled.

District 17 — Town of New Paltz, southwestern Esopus: Republican Les Kalmus, Democrat incumbent Susan Zimet. Registration: 2138 Democrats, 1256 Republicans, and 1589 non-enrolled.

District 18 — Most of Hurley, northern Marbletown: Republicans, no candidate, Democrat Tony Russo. Incumbent Democrat Richard Parete says he will primary. Registration is 1915 Democrats, 1593 Republicans, and 1905 not enrolled.

District 19 — Rosendale, southern Marbletown: Republican Attilio Contini, Democrat incumbent Robert Parete. Registration: 2058 Democrats, 1178 Republicans, and 1525 not enrolled in a party.

District 20 — Village of New Paltz: Republican Terrence Ward, Democrat Thomas Cotton. Democratic incumbent Hector Rodriguez may primary. Registration: Democrats 2049, Republicans 429, not enrolled 1230.

District 21 — Town of Rochester, small part of eastern Wawarsing: Republican incumbent Terry Bernardo. Democrats, no candidate. Registration is 1693 Democrats, 1523 Republicans, and non-enrolled 1573.

District 22 — Olive, Shandaken, Denning and Hardenburgh: Republican Jack Jordan, Democrat John Parete. Registration: 2190 Democrats, 1739 Republicans, and 1455 not enrolled.

District 23 — Woodstock, West Hurley: Republican Jim Monserrate, Democratic incumbent Donald Gregorius. Registration is 3323 Democrats, 1147 Republicans, and 1542 not enrolled.  