DA: Matthews a ‘thief’

Tim Matthews.

Now-retired Kingston Police Detective Lt. Tim Matthews stole nearly a quarter-million dollars in police funds in a systematic pattern of graft that stretched over nearly a decade, according to an indictment handed up by an Ulster County grand jury on Monday. Ulster County District Attorney Holley Carnright laid out the charges against the former head of the KPD Detective Division at a somber press conference held in the dim confines of a jury room at the Ulster County Courthouse.

The 13-count indictment alleges that the 26-year veteran, who retired in April amid allegation of theft and payroll fraud, spent nearly his entire decade-long tenure as the city’s chief detective pillaging police vaults and bank accounts stealing money held in evidence or intended to pay for informants and undercover drug buys.

“The bottom line is, Tim Matthews turned out to be a thief,” said Carnright.



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