School Board isolates Haun

Steve Haun

Trustee Steven Haun might have violated the board’s ethics code and state law by sharing confidential information, Board of Education members said last week. In two split votes, the board approved two resolutions: one stating Haun acted on his own when committing these indiscretions, the second, that the board does not condone his actions. The second resolution directs the board president to inform Haun, in writing, that he is expected to conduct himself appropriately in the future.Haun is accused of sharing confidential information about an ongoing disciplinary investigation being conducted by district administrators. Haun allegedly sent an e-mail regarding the investigation to a parent, without the consent of the board. According to the resolutions, Haun’s actions violated section 805-a of the General Municipal Law, and district policy number 6110.Heidcamp said that the resolutions do not involve any disciplinary actions against Haun, nor do they censure him in any way.Though Haun recognizes his error, he says he actions stemmed from his concern for a fellow parent.“I wanted to help a mother who was frustrated and who wasn’t receiving the cooperation that I thought she should,” said Haun.