Double-Dipping Documented?

Tim Matthews.

Suspended Kingston Police Detective Lt. Tim Matthews was twice cited by school finance officials for attempting to bill for hours spent working security at school sporting events at the same time he was working regular nighttime security at Kingston High School. Then-Assistant Superintendent for Business Robert Pritchard referred to Matthews’ actions as a “double dip” in notations scrawled in the margins of the pay vouchers.


Matthews has been on administrative leave since Jan. 14, when the state Comptroller’s Office notified city officials that a routine audit of the Kingston City School District had uncovered evidence of payroll fraud by Matthews. Matthews worked as a part-time security guard at the school in addition to his work as head of the KPD’s Detective Division, and was in charge of scheduling and administrating the school’s security detail. He resigned that position on Jan. 14, the same day he was placed on administrative leave. On Thursday, Jan. 20, Matthews was charged with third-degree grand larceny, a felony, after city officials discovered $9,000 missing from a safe at police headquarters which held evidence and investigative funds for the Detective Division. According to sources familiar with the case, the discrepancy between the safe’s inventory list and contents was uncovered after Matthews refused to turn over a key to the lockbox, forcing city officials to call in a locksmith.

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