Uploading info


Literal, like a subhead but not too long, and for a regional audience; don’t assume the reader knows the usual suspects and references. If you’re in New Paltz, picture a Saugerties reader making sense of it, and vice versa. No acronyms. Should include a verb; “Beautiful Saugerties street art” vs. “Street art on Saugerties streets recalls simpler time.”


To make it less cluttered it shows only common categories by default. That can be be changed for individual papers by request. For all posts, we include an HV1 and Paper category. If you just supply the HV1 category that should be enough for the uploader to surmise the paper category. In late April 2017, we converted or consolidated most paper-specific categories (especially those based on geography- those are now tags) so they mostly line up.

We maintain the two classification schemes for the Browse by Paper navigation.

Image instructions

You can often leave this blank; if there’s one image to choose from or several and you don’t care which is used.

Every post needs a horizontal image for the featured image. If you only have a vertical image but it’s large (at least 550px wide) and can be cropped, we’re good. If not or if there is no image, it would be helpful to suggest a previously used image or suggestion for a stock image. A good way to find previously used images is to go to google images and type in site:hudsonvalleyone.com followed by a keyword. For example, here’s what you get with that search for Uptown Kingston or Town Budget.

We have a number of recurring types of stories that don’t have images, and it’s fine to use the same fallback featured image in those cases; town hall or school for amorphous discussion by those boards, dollars on a table for budgets, etc. You don’t need to be specific if you know we have plenty of a certain type; can just say “monopoly house” for a housing development proposal, for example.