(Sponsored post) How to Travel in Los Angeles Like a Local

(Photo from Gerson Repreza)

Traveling to Los Angeles is on many people’s bucket list. Widely known for its famous movie and music stars, both tourists and wannabe stars alike flock to LA A fulfil their love of music, acting, and enjoy the luxurious beaches. While worth visiting the most popular places in Los Angeles, many travelers will also appreciate more hidden spots that locals enjoy! If you are visiting LA, make sure to check out some of these locations for an authentic experience before heading home. 

Griffith Park-

If the great outdoors is your thing, Griffith Park is the place to be. It has 4,000 acres of land that hosts plenty of amenities for everyone to enjoy. There are hiking trails, bike paths, and even merry-go-rides. If this isn’t enough for you, enjoy live music within the Greek Theatre. Griffith Park is not only a place to enjoy fresh air during the day, but to hold your loved ones close at night and gaze up at the starry sky. 

The Varnish Bar-

No vacation is complete without enjoying a tasty drink, with alcohol or not. The Varnish Bar is a quaint speakeasy lounge that gives off old fashioned vibes from the soft lighted candles to the wood paneled booths. Here you can be sure you are drinking thoughtful hand-crafted drinks that will make your taste buds buzz with flavor. 

Vineland Drive-In Theatre-

Escape from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles to enjoy a relaxing flick with friends. The Vineland Drive-In Theatre is open seven days a week and plays classic films. When the sun goes down the show begins, so kick back and relax in the comfort of your own vehicle. Don’t forget to bring the snacks! 

The Last Bookstore-

This two-story bookstore is a book lover’s dream. There are mazes of books of every genre to suit your fancy, as well as eccentric art decorating the walls. Check out the bargain section for some unusual finds, or sift through the vinyl records that can be purchased for a dollar. If you want to save some cash, bring in some used books or CDs to trade for a new book. 

Santa Monica Pier-

This beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches within Los Angeles. The sand is an elegant white that is complemented with the dazzling blue waves of the water. This pier runs along the beach and is full of carnival rides and places to eat. While this is a place that many tourists find themselves drifting toward, it’s also a spot that locals enjoy visiting as well. 

Runyon Canyon-

Runyon Canyon is known as one of the best places in Los Angeles to go for a hike. It is only thirty minutes from downtown Los Angeles,  making it an easy detour. Bring Fido along with you for the journey as this spot is leash optional, the perfect spot for you and your pup to let loose! 

The Rose Garden Tea Room at the Huntington-

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to experience a traditional tea party? Here you will be served delectable foods such as finger sandwiches, gourmet cheeses, scones, and freshly brewed teas in high style. Along with these delicious treats, there’s a three-acre rose garden as well as Chinese and Japanese botanical gardens for you to stroll around after enjoying an afternoon of acting prim and proper. drvn provides group transporting that is great way for you and your fellow tea party goers to get there in style. 

Original Farmer’s Market-

As the name suggests, this is the original farmer’s market of Los Angeles. You can find it on West Third and Fairfax. This is the place to go if you are scavenging for fresh produce or some hand-crafted goodies from Los Angeles locals. It is outdoors and you are encouraged to wander around, sample, eat, and enjoy the live music when summer rolls around. 

San Gabriel Valley-

Head over to San Gabriel Valley if you are looking to enjoy Asian culture. Explore the plethora of specialty shops and restaurants that you won’t easily find throughout the rest of Los Angeles. During holidays such as Chinese New Year, you can expect the streets to be lined with red and gold for celebration. This is the place to go to have authentic Asian experiences. 

There are certain aspects of Los Angeles that most people experience when visiting. While these activities are fun to do, it is also exciting to explore the city as the locals do. Instead of spending hours trying to find hidden gems within Los Angeles, review some of the activities above to plan a memorable trip!