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Panthers vs. Avalanche: Who Will Win the Stanley Cup 2022?

NHL fans have been talking about the Panthers and the Avalanche this season. These are the two powerhouse teams likely to compete for the Stanley Cup this Coming May 2. Due to this, it would be best if we discussed these two teams to get to know them more. 

You will know which one has the highest potential to dominate the Championship game this season. It will also help punters decide which one to bet on when these two teams face each other in the finals. 

The Colorado Avalanche

The Colorado Avalanche is the number one favorite team to win the Stanley Cup this 2022. They have one of the best Odds to Win Stanley Cup in most sportsbooks online. Despite the Avalanche’s challenge these past two decades, this season has turned the tables in their favor. 

The team last won the Stanley Cup was on 2001. After that, the prize became elusive to the team, and they had difficulty getting it again. However, this year was a silver lining for the entire team. They are now at the top of the pyramid dominating each team that comes their way.  

Aside from being the fan favorite, the punters also adore them. Despite their slow start this season, they recovered with flying colors. 

Colorado is also the leading team in their division and is also the frontrunner for the President’s Trophy for being the team that has the best record in the NHL this season. If they win this trophy, it will be their second consecutive win with this award. 

This season, the Avalanche roster is also the best, which makes them a force to be reckoned with. The majority of the bets made on online sportsbooks are going to the Colorado Avalanche, thus making them the team with the best odds as we are entering the playoffs in a few weeks. 

Key Players of the Colorado Avalanche 

The Colorado Avalanche has star players on its team that plays a good hockey game. You must remember that colorado’s roster consists of Cale Makar, Mikko Rantanen, Nathan MacKinnon, and Nazem Kadri. 

Cale Makar, for instance, is known to be the best new-generation of defenseman in the league. He is the leading defender of the team. In addition, Makar is shifty and always willing to shoot, making it hard for the opponents to predict his actions. 

On the other hand, Mikko Rantanen is the team’s right-wing that pushes himself to help their team reach the top spot of being the best team this season. Another name that is echoing throughout the league is Nathan MacKinnon. 

MacKinnon has an elite skill, determination, and power that will help the Avalanche advance to the final and win the game.

The last name that helped put the Colorado Avalanche to where it is now is Nazem Kadri. He is a hard-working centerman who recorded the most points this season which puts him in the top five leading MVP candidates this year. 

The Florida Panthers 

The second favorite this year is the Florida Panthers. Fans have had high hopes for this team since the beginning. They have been long predicted to go to the Stanley Cup in 2022. Florida is the top team in the Central Division.

The Florida Panthers are the first team to secure a spot in the playoffs after defeating the Buffalo Sabres. Although this achievement should be celebrated, the team did not. 

The Panthers are focused on achieving the greeted prize, the Stanley Cup, and not on their achievements. Their eyes are on the prize, and they are determined to get hold of it. However, this strong desire they have can either make or break them. 

Furthermore, let us not forget about the key players that made the Florida Panthers the second-best team overall and the best in their division. 

Key Players of the Florida Panthers

Each team boasts its key players, but the Florida Panthers do not only talk the talk but also walk the walk when they created a powerhouse roster for this year’s NHL championship. The Panthers acquired the Philadelphia Flyers’ former team captain Claude Giroux to play for them. 

The team also got Ben Chiarot, who has given a strong performance this season. Chiarot is almost invisible on the ice despite his large frame. He is steady and reliable when defending their team, making the opponent struggle to penetrate. 

Aside from Ben Chiarot and Claude Giroux, the Florida Panther also added Robert Hagg to the team. This acquisition added the team’s defensive and extra depth. In addition, he is capable of jumping roles within the team. 

He can do a good offensive stunt while ensuring the defense is still robust. With this multi-tasking skill, there is a huge chance that the Florida Panthers will dominate the finals game. 

May the Best Team Wins

It is no doubt that both teams can win and deserves to win the Stanley Cup this year. However, the championship is the last man standing game where the best will dominate. Both teams have also proven that they are capable of winning. So, this coming May 2, 2022, let us all witness the face-off of the two best teams in NHL this season, and may the best team wins.