Publisher’s note

Heartened by the display of support from our audience, we are pleased to announce the next step in our recovery plan, a weekly print edition of Hudson Valley One. The first issue will appear on a limited number of local newsstands and will be sent to all mail subscribers on June 3. 

During the suspension of print publication for the last two months, we have been putting all our editorial energies into HV1, our digital product. As with everything we do, we’re doing the best we can afford to do. Feedback has been very positive. Gratifyingly, our readership community has been willing to accept this medium of quality journalism at a time when that’s all that’s available. We want now to reward their tolerance by also making available what we do in newsprint form. 

Where it all goes from here we honestly don’t know. We’ve experimented with what we do on HV1, and will continue to do so. When it comes to new forms and new ideas, this pandemic is a time of ferment. It’s also a time of opportunity. 

In that regard, the present time is reminiscent of when we first started Woodstock Times in the early 1970s. A lot of good things can happen when they say that by traditional standards you don’t know what you’re doing. 

I expect that what will emerge will be a different journalism, a mixture of old and new ways of providing meaningful information to a local audience, a mélange of the classical and the modern. 

You may know how this story will end. We don’t. We only promise always to do the best we can.

-Geddy Sveikauskas


Hannaford Supermarket (Highland)
Topps Supermarket (New Paltz)
Shop-Rite Supermarket (New Paltz)
My Market (New Paltz)
Adams Fairacre Farms (Lake Katrine)
Hannaford Supermarket (Uptown Kingston)
Stewart’s Shops (Greenkill Ave., Kingston)
Stewart’s Shops (Rosendale)
Hannaford Supermarket (West Hurley)
Sunflower Natural Foods (Woodstock)
CVS Pharmacy (Woodstock)
Stewart’s Shops (Zena Rd., West Hurley)
Price Chopper (Saugerties)
Stewart’s Shops (Main Street, Saugerties)