Letters (June 18-25)

 Bob responds

This letter is in response to Mayor Bill Murphy’s piece in last week’s Times titled “Dear Bob.” The letter concerned uncollected village property taxes and why I feel that Ulster County need not make villages whole. I also believe the county should not make school districts whole by paying down debt generated by another municipality.

Concerning the issue with the village, under Article 11 of Real Property Tax Law of the State of New York, villages are allowed to act in the capacity as the county so the village can correct that problem on its own.

Regarding how the village cut the tax rate let me remind you when the Village Police Department merged with the Town Police Departed it resulted in 14 new positions being added to the Town of Saugerties budget. While that did create a tax rate reduction for the village it created a tax rate increase for the town. In regard to additional revenue increases in the village, when new water meters were installed, the Village Board voted to increase the price of water creating additional revenue and and obvious tax rate reduction.


Bob Aiello


Access NYC library’s ebooks

With more and more people using e-readers like the Kindle, the Nook and the iPad, it’s important for people to know where and how to access tens of thousands of free e-books and the answer is simple – it’s the library. Many people don’t realize it, but anyone who either lives, works, goes to school or pays property taxes anywhere in New York State can get a New York City library card, and use it to download both audio books and e-books free of charge, without ever having to set foot in New York City. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Go to the New York City Public Library website at www.nypl.org.
  2. Near the bottom of the page, in the center, click on the link to “Get a Library Card”.
  3. Under quick links, click on the link to “Apply for a New Card”.
  4. Read the information under “Apply for a Library Card,” and then click on the link to “Apply Online”.
  5. Once you receive your library card in the mail, and go back online to select a Pin number, you can access e-books and audiobooks directly by going to ebooks.nypl.org.

If you have any problems doing this, or any questions, on the main library page www.nypl.org you can find both telephone help numbers and an online chat link to get help and answers. Read, listen, and enjoy everything your library has to offer.

Ken Goldberg
Library Board vice president


Thanks to Conservatives

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Conservative Party and all members for their support at the June 11 Conservative caucus. This will be the third time I have moved forward in an election with your trust and support behind me. It is an honor for me to except this endorsement offered by the Conservative Party. Once again, as in the past, “Together We Will Continue Making a Difference.”

Douglas F. Myer
Highway superintendent


Run Terry, run

Does anyone in Ulster County believe Roger Rascoe when he denies a deal “with Democrats to give Hein a free ride?”

Should the head of a major political party deny a woman a nomination because “her husband, who chairs the county Independence Party… didn’t want her to run?”

According to the Daily Freeman, all but one member of the GOP Executive Committee, “voted to not accept nominations for county executive or Family Court judge at the convention,” because, according to Rascoe, he is “trying to unite the party and build the party.”

I don’t see how fixing election results by failing to nominate candidates builds a party. Particularly when two people (Terry Bernardo and Don Wise) with some significant experience in the trenches, want to run.

Bernardo certainly has credibility. She was, after all, the first woman to lead the County Legislature. And while it’s true she lost her last election, it was by the smallest of margins, just 48 votes. And she did that without the support of her own party!

All of this would be beyond belief if we were not living in a time when it takes a U.S. Attorney with unlimited resources at his disposal to root out the corruption in our government. When Preet Bharara is finished in Albany, he should check out Ulster County. He could start by investigating Mike Hein, looking at the infirmary deal, or the way he dumped off county mental health services for kids. He could look at the Wilmorite deal, or Hein’s initial support of the Niagara Bottling proposal. Maybe Bharara could find out exactly how much Hein actually spent on lawyers and staff time to try to kill the railroad when its lease was due to expire anyway. Maybe those companies have given Hein a war chest he can use to help Rascoe and others.

I never was a fan of Terry Bernardo before. But after seeing the level of collusion, corruption and cunning playing out in Ulster County right now, she sure looks like a good candidate to me. Run Terry, run.

Joan Lawrence-Bauer


Successful golf fundraiser

The Duffer Open golf tournament was held at the Rip Van Winkle Country Club, in Palenville, on Saturday, May 23. On behalf of the tournament committee, we would like to extend a very big thank you to all the sponsors, golfers, family and friends who participated in this event. With their participation it made this event a successful fundraiser and all proceeds are given to the Saugerties Sonics boys and girls travel basketball organization. Awards were given to the following: First place team: Bill Brown, Bob Brown, Bob Adams, and Joe Giardullo. Second place: Ed Horvers, Rob Elmendorf, Bob Hartrum, and Ryan Hartrum. Third place: Rich Perry, Toni Ann Perry, John Sottile, and Herb Lambertson. Fourth place: Craig Johansen, James Madison, Jim Louis, and Rafe Beck. Longest drive: Bill Brown. Closest to the pin: Ken Wamsley.

In addition to the golfers another big thank you needs to be extended to the following individuals, local businesses and organizations, who through their generosity made this fundraiser a success! The list is extensive and it shows positive support for this event.

John and Sara Smith, our hosts and staff from Rip Van Winkle Golf Course, for their continued hospitality and hosting of this tournament and donation of multiple prizes and gift certificates. Roundtop Knits for their excellent craftsmanship of our golf towels. Mirabella’s Restaurant, Brendan Amodio donation of beverages. Lox and Bagels, John Farcher donation of breakfast bagels. Anaconda Sports, Rich Koegel donation of prizes. Our sponsors: Rip Van Winkle Country Club, Black Head Mountain Golf Club, Lazy Swan Golf Club, Town and Country Liquors, Mike Tiano Electric, Tiano Masonry, Mayor Bill Murphy and Village Board, Jeremy Constable Builders, Winnie’s Auto Sales ,H & H Environmental Dana, Bill, Jac, and Jill Murphy, Walgreens Broadway Kingston, Alan A. DeRosa DDS, Robert H. Klein DDS, PC – General Dentistry & Orthodontics and Smile951 clinic Mid Hudson Valley Investment and Retirement Center – Sal Bocchimuzzo, Tom and Linda Roessner – State Farm Insurance, Monro Muffler & Brake Service, Saugerties Animal Hospital, AFCO- Fuel, Rips Auto Parts, Petite Productions, Ryan and Ryan Insurance Brokers, Kingston Nissan, Ecce Terra in Kingston Bridget Miller, John & Michelle Stafford, Tom and Nancy Spiers. Vetere Land Surveying & Planning. EDDIEP, Inc, Kevin Hinchey and family, Mickeys Igloo 3, The Dudzic family, Mike Schatzel Construction, The Hartrum family, Steve Milton.

Mike Tiano and Ed Duffy