Letters (Oct. 30 – Nov. 6)

Job well done

Many, many thanks to the three men that volunteered to resurrect the fallen monuments in the Mountain View Cemetery in our village of Saugerties! Tim McGuire and David Metter of Benson Steel and Jack and Eric Wilsey really did a nice job of standing up those monuments. The whole cemetery looks so much better. Those of us with loved ones interred there appreciate your work.

Thanks again, guys!

Walt Hackett


Astorino for governor

Rob Astorino recognizes the importance of a strong economy and real job creation as opposed to the expansion of government bureaucracy and artificial creation of jobs which increases taxes. Rob promotes attracting businesses and industry which in turn creates real jobs and decreases taxes.

He has real experience as the Westchester county executive that has been re-elected with a wide margin because of his ability to work with all people regardless of party affiliation.


Rob Astorino holds fast to the Constitution. As such he is a supporter of second amendment. He is against the (un)S.A.F.E. Act and has made it a priority to repeal this law that makes New Yorkers more vulnerable to crime.

Lt. Gov. candidate Chris Moss, Sheriff of Chemung County, holds an impeccable record as a leader as well as in the area of law enforcement. He holds a masters degree in public administration from Marist College and is president of the New York State Sheriff’s Association. He will work toward making New York State safer and for a repeal of the (un)S.A.F.E. Act.

My personal favorite about this leadership team is their willingness to fight for their constituency. Rob Astorino has a history of fighting for private property rights. In Westchester County he has opposed the creation of more “housing projects.” Under Astorino’s leadership the county has challenged the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s requirement to build 750 low income housing units and to remake the neighborhoods of Westchester County to the liking of the federal government. Rob Astorino did not compromise the well-being of his constituents. He was not bought off with federal taxpayer money and the lure of grants. This is the sort of leader we need for our governor!

As for our current governor, a New York Times article dated Aug. 23, 2010 states, “Mr. Cuomo was housing secretary at a critical moment for the nation, just as its subprime mortgage fever was beginning to spike. It was during his tenure that the banking industry began to embrace predatory loans, and these creations led to a housing bubble that badly damaged America’s banks and nearly toppled its financial system.”

Astorino promotes local control of education and is opposed to Common Core.

To summarize, the Astorino-Moss team is about bringing New York State to economic recovery and ending the mass exodus by life time New Yorkers, helping families stay together, and bringing back the industrious, creative individuals who have fled New York for a safe and productive life.

Vote row C on Nov. 4 and remember that every vote counts.

Gaetana Ciarlante


Fisher for Supreme Court

Lisa M. Fisher is a well-qualified candidate for the position of New York State Supreme Court justice in the Third Judicial District (Albany, Ulster, Rensselaer, Greene, Columbia, Sullivan, and Schoharie counties). As a resident of Greene County and a graduate of Albany Law School, Ms. Fisher’s 20 years of legal experience consists of trying cases in all courts of New York (supreme, county, town, and village) in addition to federal court. While maintaining a general practice, Ms. Fisher served in her community as an attorney for the Ulster County Department of Social Services, as court attorney for hon. Edward T. Feeney in Kingston City Court, and as assigned counsel for Spanish speaking litigants. She currently serves as assistant public defender in the Family Court Division at the Ulster County Public Defender’s Office.

Ms. Fisher’s accomplishments also include raising three teenagers. Ms. Fisher is ethical, ambitious, and dedicated. As a mother and a successful professional, Ms. Fisher has mastered the ability to organize and multi-task. She is the best choice and has the best qualities for the Third Judicial District.

Rattiya Bhitiyakul-Hill


Vote Democrat

This could be the most important election in our lifetime. If the Tea Party, which has taken over the Republican Party, wins this election I believe that democracy will be in peril.

I was fortunate to live my entire life in a democratic country. I watched earning a living change from hard work to crunching numbers while sitting at a desk, and later from just receiving phone calls, and making choices based on “insider” information.

I also watched wages go down as profits increased in companies like Burger King, which is now part of the Canadian company Tim Horton, in order not to pay their fair share of taxes.

Now I’m watching the middle class shrink along with things like equal rights for good education, profits going to the big oil and gas industry men as they pollute our air and water with hardly any restrictions. All this is due to the Supreme Court’s Republican majority that passed Citizens United, or unlimited funds for dumb ads. This year’s ads from the Republicans have made me almost as sick as the toxins that they profit from.

We need people like Sean Eldridge in Congress and Cecilia Tkaczyk in the Senate to stand up for our rights, and people like Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who I can say from my own experience, actually helps individuals who feel that they are being swindled.

Do not vote for Republicans who still stand for guns for all without background checks, for corporations to move out of the country in order to avoid taxes, and are against equal pay for women and against a raise in minimum wages and for fracking.

Eldridge and Tkaczyk are all for us, the people, so I encourage everyone to get out and vote.

Jill Paperno


Savona for Family Court judge

This year there are a number of positions on the Election Day ballot, none more important than that of Family Court Judge. As someone who spent more than 30 years serving in public service, first as District Attorney of Ulster County and then as a Supreme Court Judge, I know only too well the vital and indispensable role Family Court plays in our legal system. It is where critical decisions are made every day that have an enduring and profound effect on families in Ulster County. For that reason the need for Family Court Judges who are not only bright and well versed in the law but who also understand and appreciate the problems that often arise within the family unit is self-evident.

With that in mind I am enthusiastically supporting the candidacy of Keri Savona for Family Court Judge. When Keri worked for me in the District Attorney’s office she not only demonstrated that she was a terrific lawyer but also that she possessed those qualities that would serve her well if she ever became a judge. Intelligent, affable, articulate, patient , firm but also compassionate, Keri, with the support of her husband Dan and their four beautiful children, will make an outstanding Family Court Judge.


Michael Kavanagh Associate Justice, NYS Supreme Court (retired)


Mustang Bowl a special event

I wish to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Saugerties schools Superintendent Seth Turner, Coach Joe Defino, Principal Dan Dieckmann, along with the staff and student body at Grant D. Morse Elementary School for the recent honor, bestowed to me, at their eleventh annual Mustang Bowl.

My special thanks and gratitude to the players and participants who took part in this year’s annual event. Especially, the players on “my team,” the Mustangs— what a great group of mannerly, respectful young players. Players who showed the true meaning of sportsmanship after enduring a heart-breaking one point loss, with only another six inches to score, as time ran out.

There were no losers in this event, everyone was a winner. The event provided a valuable means for the students to gain character, maturity and sportsmanship, along with the meaningfulness of getting involved and participating as a team, together. These lessons will have a positive influence throughout their education years and adult careers.

I had a blast. It was a fun and enjoyable day, and such a very worthwhile event. Although the event has been taking place for the past ten years, it was my first time. Obviously, I have been oblivious to the previous ten. Likewise, I am sure there are others and if you have not experienced a Mustang Bowl, I strongly encourage you to do so next year, you will not be disappointed. I don’t plan to miss another.

Everyone involved, once again gave of their valuable time and energies for the betterment of our youth and community, along with extending quality of life enhancements.

Again, my sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone involved for a job extremely well done.

Greg Chorvas Superintendent, Parks & Buildings Department


Riccardi for Family Court

Imagine an Ulster County Family Court Judge with the compassion of a nurse, the strength of a prosecutor and the wisdom of a jurist who will look out for the interest of children, safeguard the abused and value the family. Then imagine Gilda Riccardi!

Gilda has been working in Family Court as the principal court attorney for eight years and will use her experience and knowledge to ensure that children and families in crisis are effectively defended. She will use her prudence and professionalism to administer fairly and apply the law to ensure that the decision of the court will protect those who are unable to do so for themselves.

On Tuesday, Nov. 4, I am asking you to join me in voting for Gilda Riccardi, the Democrat and Working Families Party candidate for Ulster County Family Court judge.

Elliott Auerbach