Letters (June 5-12)

Restore our greatness

In the recent long-winded letter to the editor printed in May 15 edition of Saugerties Times, Laurel Lindewall’s radical opinion apparently suggests “calling to arms” those who oppose her own viewpoint.

She suggests that Gaetana Ciarlante and Donna Greco run for president and vice president with Sarah Palin as their campaign manager. That works for me.

However, it does sound like Ms. Lindewall speech writer might be Nancy Pelosi with a “Don’t Worry Be Happy Attitude” consistent with Nancy Pelosi’s advice, “We have to pass to the bill (health care) so you can find out what is in it.” (Pelosi speech at National Association of Counties, 2010.) Additionally, she attempts to present herself as part of the “Ladies Liberty” team by speaking about this movement in the first person plural (we) apparently seeking to include herself in the winning team while attacking patriots who have done far more than she would ever know.


Gaetana Ciarlante’s complaints about the United States Postal Service’s costliness was taken out of context by Ms. Lindewall. Gaetana spearheaded Operation SOS over ten years ago and is still operating today. SOS, under the leadership of Ciarlante has formulated a patriotic organization which has sent thousands of morale packages to active duty members of the military. You will find Gaetana doing good for all people with or without any political party affiliation. And thank you Donna Greco who gives so generously of time and talents to help keep all readers informed enabling them to take action when needed. “Patriots on steroids”? Thank you for recognizing the exceptional efforts these women make to compensate for the apathy, indifference, and lethargy present in those who follow the Pied Piper down the road to perdition.

As for the title of Laurel’s letter, “Call to arms,” it appears she is seriously suggesting that the left wing “liberals” arm themselves, in order to silence all and any opposing views. (Editor’s note: The title was given by the editor, as with all letters.) She uses the phrase “gun-less hippies … probably commies” indicating her ignorance between communist fascist states and disarmament of its citizens.

While Ms. Lindewall extols the “fruits” of the nanny state, the writing and works of patriots including Ciarlante and Greco recognize these as tainted toxic fruits that weaken individuals and societal systems over the long haul.

In closing we do not want to undo what our parents and grandparents have done. We want to bring back what they once did instead of lagging behind and becoming a third-world nation. We want to make our country once again the greatest nation on earth and restore its leadership role in the world.  Many of us are enjoying Donna Greco’s column and encourage her to continue her advice.  Why not begin right here in Saugerties?

Richard O’Gorman


Marking Mental Health Month

During the May session of the Ulster County Legislature, the legislature was presented with a speech about May having been designated as Mental Health Awareness Month. During the speech, we were informed that at least 20 percent of the population will be afflicted with a mental health issue during their lifetimes. I had already been aware of this statistic, and I have even heard by some accounts that the actual percentage of the population parameter could be as high as 40 percent for the number of people afflicted with one type of mental health or behavioral issue during their lifetimes. While attending the recent presentation of Art along the Hudson at the Saugerties Performing Arts Factory, I was handed a flier that promotes an important author lecture at the Inquiring Minds Bookstore on Sunday, June 8at 2 p.m. entitled “TheFamily’s Role in the Care for People with Serious Mental Illness”.The lecture, which is being presented by author Katherine Flannery Dering, highlights her recent literary accomplishments that are within her new book entitled “A Shot in the Dark, a Sister’s Memoir, a Brother’s Struggle”. Within Ms. Dering’s book, she chronicles the experiences that she and her family went through in the care of her brother who had schizophrenia. In her lecture-talk, Ms. Dering wants to pass on her experiences and knowledge in the treatment of loved ones with mental health issues so that a higher level of awareness is achieved. Ideally, this will not only create an increased level of awareness about the proper treatment for those with mental health issues, but also an increased level of care for those with mental health issues.

With budgetary issues looming within the forecasting of the 2015 budget for Ulster County, I realize the importance of continued funding for mental health treatment within Ulster County. As the legislator who represents the village of Saugerties, Malden, part of the town of Saugerties and Barclay Heights, I will fight to keep a continual steam of funding for mental health treatment within Ulster County.

Chris Allen
Ulster County Legislature