Letters to the editor (11/24-11/30)

Self-serving request

Kelly Myers, who won’t take office as the new Saugerties supervisor for another six weeks, already wants a raise. At last Tuesday night’s public hearing on the Town Board’s 2012 budget, she made a pitch to increase her supervisor salary. Apparently, she’s just come to the realization that being supervisor of the largest town in Ulster County is a big, important, all-consuming full-time job that only pays $35,000 a year, and that’s just not enough money for her. And, while she’s at it, she suggested raising the salary of the incoming highway superintendent and reducing police overtime.

Thankfully, there’s no chance that Greg Helsmoortel and Town Board members will raise taxes to accommodate Ms. Myers’ self-serving request. Leadership is about setting priorities and making choices, and Ms. Myers just flunked her first leadership test.

Patti Kelly



Fighting the pipeline

At this time of year, especially this year, we are more aware of what we are grateful for. Not only personal gratitude, but for the extraordinary effort of hundreds of thousands of other citizens who are at the forefront of protecting the integrity of our water, air, soil, public health and communities.


It strikes awe that this large group of people can put their mundane concerns aside to do work for the benefit of everyone. This includes the ten to twelve thousand who gathered from all over the country in Washington, DC, to send a message to President Obama that he must reject the Keystone XL pipeline (Tar Sands). This includes the hundreds from all over the state who convened in Dansville and Binghamton for two days of hearings about the DEC regulations to frack in New York State. This includes the dozens of local citizens who volunteered their time and cell minutes at Village Hall to call New Yorkers to attend these two DEC hearings in Dansville and Binghamton.

The awe doesn’t stop here. To quote the young people it’s “awesome” to witness so much in the moment how human collective energy can result in such positive outcomes. You can be part of this wave of energy and influence. Do your best to clear your calendar and attend one of two more DEC hearings at Sullivan County Community College on Tuesday, November 29 or in New York City on Wednesday, November 30. More info .

Ruth Molloy

Rosalyn Cherry

New Paltz